Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 2.

So when we woke up the next morning to our surprise our butler brought us Gatorade. We told her the night before that we were going out to party for the night and she asked us if we would like some. She asked us what flavor we wanted. Blue and Purple for the win..

Mostly everyone went down to gamble and shop. I was too lazy and tired and decided to lounge in the loft for the whole day to recover for tonight. One of the things I like about the Skyloft. I can just soak in the tub and watch a movie. Damn I miss that.

Did I mention the mood lights?

After the long soak. It was time to get a bite to eat before we head to Jet @ The Mirage.

I was surprised to see that McDonalds had brought back the McRib.

I haven't had a McRib for at least 10yrs.

Southwest Chicken Sandwich and a McRib.

McRib goodness.

Here's our table at Jet.

We were in the back room next to the DJ booth. We had a Corner booth. It was nice. The room was not packed and there was plenty of room to dance. Plus the bar was right there.

Me and my brother Peter.

Charyl and the birthday boy.

I got pretty wasted so I took a lot more pics this time.

from left to right. John Peter Edwin.

Brian and Charyl. That is one hefty Patron shot...

I don't know where the roses came from and I have not comment for this photo.

Kellie and Charyl

Karen and Charyl.

Charyl and Jeanne

Awww... Look at these two. They seem so happy together.

Peter is not enjoying this.

So I bought my brother a SilverBack. It's a great birthday shot. It's like a Jager Bomb but instead of Jager it's bicardi 151 dropped into a glass of Redbull and Hypnotic.

He wasn't too happy after he drank it.

Peter and Hai

Peter and Kellie

Brian and Steph

Noreen was having a bad night. So I sent Brian to cheer her up. Looks like it did the trick. Your welcome Noreen.

Our runner Jay. Awesome guy. He did a great job.

John and Charyl

Security and John. I don't know how much John tipped out security but he escorted John everywhere.

They don't look too happy anymore.

Mario our host with Noreen.

After the club everyone wanted to head to Rhino. So we took a limo there.

Noreen doesn't remember being in the limo. Here's the proof.

After getting to Rhino. We walked in. Noreen was so faded that she just walked in w/o paying. So Phat paid her $50 cover ouch and....... then she fell over and got kicked out 1 min later. LOL. What a waste of money.

Here she is passed out on the sofa.

Here's John quitting.

Here's the Phat and Jeanne returning from Rhino.

Jeanne what are you going to do with all your spare ones?

"I'm going to make it rain"

Phat: "I'm going to make it rain too....on Noreen"

Usually when we go to Vegas we party our first night and gamble the second night, but ever since our August trip which was the best Vegas trip we had yet. We have been partying both nights. When we went to Jet in August we got there at 11pm. It was chaos in the front. Just plain ridiculous. People pushing and shoving trying to get to the front. This time we went it was very mild. There was a pretty good looking line to get in but that's about it. Not really Chaotic in the front. We had a great time though. Place filled up later in the evening.

Here we are at the airport. Our flight was delayed 20min. No biggie.

Already miss Vegas. Thiking about heading back in Jan. We'll see.

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