Thursday, January 14, 2010

Las Vegas. Day 2 "see you at the finish line"

Day 2:

Woke up around 12pm. Neal was hurting from the night before but amazingly the magic man "Ray" was unscathed

I was feeling ok. Slightly off balance but ok.

We decided to head down to the food court at the Canal Shops to grab some food. We ended up eating at Shake N Burger.

Neal really wanted a burger which he rarely gets to eat. Tried to get a pic of him eating the burger but failed.

I had onion rings and a bbq rib sandwich " hope it's like the McRib"

Onion rings were bomb though.

Ray has no shame in eating horribly.

My so called bbq rib sandwich. It was not like a McRib. It was alright I guess. The only thing was that the BBQ looked radio active. It was bright neon pinkish color. I don't think that is normal. Ate it anyways.

Fountain at the Palazzo.

The Shops at Palazzo

After our meal we decided to hit the pool to relax in the hot tub. It was something that we really needed. So relaxing.

After the pool we headed over to Mirage to see what Jet had to offering for tonight. Nobody was there so we grabbed some discount flyers for the club that night.

We then decided to do some shopping. Out goal was to end up at City Center since I have not had a chance to check it out yet. So we headed over to the forum shops at Caesars.

Here we are at the forum shopping

After Caesars we headed over to City Center but on our way we stopped at Bellagio to catch a water show.

shot a video of the water show.

Here we are walking into City Center. I must say the place is gorgeous. The design has not real theme like Luxor or Venetian. Their style is contemporary and very elegant.

Biggest LV store I have been to so far. Freaking 3 stories. It's funny when Charyl and I walked in they would look at Charyl's LV purse before they greeted us and asked if we needed any help.

Those are oranges in the center. They seemed real to me and I wouldn't be surprised if they were.

The place is so huge and spacious. You have to go there and check it out to see what I mean.

This water feature was pretty cool. They are plexi glass tubes with whirlpools in them.

Even the glass in the floor had whirlpools too.

I thought these steps were dope. I think it's made of sliced Geodes.

This is the check in lobby. I think we were in Aria.

Even the candy store looks really nice.

So we decided to try out the buffet at the Hotel. I am assuming we are still in Aria.
Illuminated tubes lined the ceiling.

The selection at the buffest was pretty good. Not the biggest selection but decent. I must say though this is the best tasting buffet I have been to yet. About 90% of everything I ate I enjoyed.

So far I have been to these buffets:



Planet Hollywood



Caesars: worst one


Arai: Best one yet

All of the desert looked awesome and it was a great selection.

I had about 4-5 different deserts and they were all really tasteful.

Charyl had strawberry bread pudding, raspberry brownie, and 3 layer mousse thingy.

This is the Valet lot. Really really big.

We got back around 9pm. Took a quick rest and got ready for the night. Neal had another friend that lived in Vegas. He knew someone that worked at Prive. I have heard Prive is not that great but since we knew someone I thought we would check it out instead of going to our usual spot Jet @ Mirage.

We are still attempting to kill the 1.75 litre or goose.

Yesterday Ray and I started attacking the goose at 4pm.

While we went shopping during the day we got Ray to dress outside his element. We got him to buy more fitted clothes for the night. Yesterday he was wearing some extra stuff I brought along. For someone who has to have his t-shirts sleeves longer than his elbows. This outfit is quite unusal for him.

Lobby at Palazzo.

So we get to Prive @ Planet Hollywood. We meet up with Neal's contact and they start checking IDs. They let Charyl and Neal in but stop the line at me. The security guess kind of ignors us. I'm confused at that point. The security guy pulls Neal's contact aside and talks to him. He then tells him he doesn't like Ray's shoes. The security guy walks over to Ray and ask what shoes he's wearing. Which where Ray mentions Stacy Adams. The security guys doesn't say a thing. Walks back to Neal's contact and says I can't let him in.....

I'm thinking in my head like wtf.

So Neal and Charyl come back out and we get out of line. We find out that the security guy didn't want to let Ray in because of his hair. Now Ray is pissed and doesn't even want go in anymore cause he doesn't want to be at a place that doesn't want him. Neal's contact goes and talks to someone and clears it up and we get in.

The thing that really pisses me off about Prive is that we saw 2 other people in the club that had braids. wtf.

Anyway I won't be going back there anytime soon.

So after a few drinks everyone is calmed down and having a good time.

Prive was ok. It only had 1 room opened that night so it was pretty small. People were pretty rude there. They would just push or bump you out of the way just to get by. No apologies or anything. I hate that.

Neal with his buddy Tiki (sp)

I'm the Magic Man motherf*****r

The bartenders at Prive.

Does anyone know who the female bartender is pictured? I was told her name is Contessa.

hmmm.... Where did the Magic Man go?

I'm back here b***ches.

Now you see me...

Now you don't.

We ended up having a great time. Charyl got plastered. So Her and I decided to go back first. Neal and Ray wanted to stay and hang out with Tiki and others.

So Charyl and I get back to the hotel and pass out. I hearing a knocking at the door. It's around 4am. Open the door and it's Neal. He's mad drunk.

I'm like where is your room key?

SIDE NOTE: He tells me he lost it. He said he called me several times. Which he did but I was passed out.

So he couldn't get pass the security guy checking for room keys at the elevators. He told me he saw this chick and begged her to help him get to the elevators. Which she did.

So anyways. He tells me he lost his room key, $300 which he had wrapped around his room key, and supposedly "lost the receipt with the female bartender's (Contessa) number"

I'm like well that sucks man.

then Neal says I lost Ray too......

I'm like what?! You freaking lost Ray?

He said he was talking to the bartender and then turns around and Ray's gone.

The Motherf***en Magic Man Strikes again.....

So it's around 4am and I'm super tired. So I'm thinking in my head. Ray's a big boy he will probably find his way back.

So I go back to bed and fall asleep. Around 6am I hear this noise as if water was hitting metal. I laying there with my eyes close. Charyl is next to me and I'm thinking...... Why the F*** is Neal pouring water on the ironing board. Then I just snap wide awake and realize that f***in Neal is pissing on the ironing board.

I get up and see him at the foot of the bed in front of the TV just going to town.

Me: "Neal what the hell are you doing"

Neal: "I'm peeing"

Me: " your peeing on the floor"

Neal: " but I got to go"

He then climbs back into bed like it's no big deal and falls asleep.

Now if your wondering how he is pissed on the ironing board. Let me explain. He told me the next morning that he thought it was the toilet lid and flipped it over. So the ironing board was upside down on the floor.

So that event was quite a rude awakening. I get up to check to see if Ray had return

and sure enough there he was.................did you really think it would end that way?

I'm kidding he wasn't there. So I ended up calling Planet Hollywood and they connected me with security. I describe Ray and they seem to not know anything. Then I mention Raymond and there like " oh yeah we found him..." What a sigh of relief. They said he was unresponsive but breathing...... and that they sent him to Spring valley... I'm like what's Spring Valley another hotel? "no it's the hospital"

So I called the hospital and they connect me to the ER. I mention his name and the nurse tells me that he just arrived. I feel a little bit better that I know where he is. So asked if she knew when they would release him and she said that should could not tell me cause it confidential info. I was like. I call back later and check in on him.

I call them at 9am and speak to his nurse. She said that he was fine and sleeping. She said that they would probably release him in a couple of hours.

So I call back at 12pm and they don't have him on the system anymore. So he is probably discharged. I call Ray's cell but he didn't answer. I'm like crap what if he lost it and he doesn't have money for a Cab ride? After I hang up guess who walks into the room..

The Magic Man.

He was still drunk and seemed lost when he walked in. He strolled in all casual like it was no big deal. LOL.

Ray's and his IV band-aids. He said when he woke up he realized he was in the hospital and proceeded to pull out the IVs. Ouch...

I have never been to Vegas with Ray or Neal and didn't know what to expect..... I especially didn't not expect them to be like this.

Here's Neal at the scene of the crime...

We failed to finish off the goose.

Our last meal before we leave. We had Pizza at the Venetian food court. It was really good. Past was alrigth i guess.

This trip was quite and adventure and exciting for the most part. This is probably the smallest group I have ever had in Vegas and didn't expect it to turn out to be this much fun.
Ray has take my Vegas trips to a whole new level.

The Ultra Platinum Exclusive Las Vegas Hospital Club
1) Ray: The founder and first member.
accepted memebership: Jan 2010
Party location: Prive @ planet Hollywood
Hospital: Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center
So we come back to the quote of our trip.
"see you at the finish line"
So the Champion of this trip is Ray and I think he will be for a long time.
I think I'm going to take a nice long break from Vegas. Were currently in the talks for a trip in September. Charyl's brother is going to be done with his military contract in September. Skyloft here we come...

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