Monday, December 14, 2009

Las Vegas! Day 1: Phat's 30th Birthday

Here's we are on another trip to Vegas. This time for Phat's 30th B-day. Mostly everyone worked late last night. Then woke up early for our flight out.

In the Limo and on our way to the Skyloft. Stayed at the Skyloft again. It was nice as always.

After checking in it was time to get something to eat. Eating McDonald's to me is a real big treat. Since it isn't part of my diet. Man the Big Mac has never tasted so good. The only time it has tasted better is when I'm wasted.

Peter ended up eating two burgers.

Edwin eating one of his two Big Macs he ordered.

John had a philly cheesesteak and Hai had hot dogs from Nathan's.

We strolled through the Venetian and Palazzo real quick for some last minute shopping before we headed to Body English tonight. The Decor at the Palazzo was really impressive. I have never been to Vegas in December. It's was freaking cold.

Back again to our second home.

Some pre-party equipment.

This time we got the slightly smaller loft layout. I don't like this one as much. The loft with the pool table is bigger. This time we go the Foosball table.

The slightly smaller 2 bedroom layout incorporates the walk in closet with the bathroom. The slightly larger layout the walk in closet is outside the bathroom. Usually you get two sided walk in but with the smaller layout you get one. See my older post click here for pics of the larger layout.

Shower was smaller too. Still dope though

We ordered some in room dining. Didn't want to drink on an empty stomach.

Spaghetti with kobe meatballs.

Steph couldn't handle her drinking problem and was out cold by 8:45pm. Weaksauce, but she woke up later when we came back from the club and sat at the dinning table drinking by herself. What a champ.

Suited up and ready to go.

Here we are in the Skyloft lobby/lounge.

Had bottle service at Body English. We definitely avoided The Bank this time. See this link as to why:Click Here Went with our usually contact Justen Crews. Awesome guy. We have always had a good time coming to Body English and Justen has always set us up for bottle service. I get most of my bottle service contact from
Justen was nice enough to seat us on the lower level. We arrived really early. We were at the Hard Rock by 10p. Body English doesn't up till 10:30p. It was pretty empty inside when we got in, but filled up later. With how the economy is going and it being winter I'm not surprised. The last we went to Body English was in June. Got there around the same time and there was a mass of people just mobbed up in front waiting to get in. This time there was a small line.

Here's our table. Can you spot the differences?
Here I'm with with my two brothers that went. Peter on the left and the birthday boy on the right. I know... He doesn't look like us. I think he's adopted.
Charyl and her brother Hai.

Looks like Brian (maroon) is about to tap that and Edwin (turquoise) knows it.
The brothers from Hawaii. John (left) and Brandon (right)

I have a really shitty camera and it's time for a new one.

Jeanne and Karen

Here's the birthday boy. The big 30

Time for a refill.

Here's John: "I am having the best time ever."

stranger: "You better drink that you big pussy!"

John: "I'm not having fun anymore"

Body english on a Sunday has always been good to us. It usually fills out later in the night. During the summer though get there early, but from my expeirence for winter you can come a bit late and be ok.
That's it for day 1.

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