Tuesday, June 13, 2017

SoCal day 1: Anaheim Packing District & Recess Room.

Headed to Southern California to visit some friends for a quick getaway.

Took the first flight out at 6 am. Barely anyone at the airport, so my friend and I grabbed a drink at The Brit.

Boarded our plane to Burbank and this was the entire flight. I have never been on a plane this empty before.

I guess the stewardess was having a great day that she didn't even charge us for cocktails.

When we landed in Burbank I met up with Tammy who was already in town a week earlier with her sister. Picked her up at her hotel and headed to Garden Grove for breakfast at Mon Ami Cafe

I had the sizzling steak hot plate with pate and egg. Served with a toasted baguette.

Chicken Pho

Was running on very little sleep so headed to my friend's house and crashed for a few hours, before meet with my other friends in town for lunch at the Anaheim Packing District

As many times as I visit SoCal I'm surprised this was my first time visiting this place. It's a great place to hang out with lots of bars and food vendors.

Handmade Drumsticks.

There was a Mini Monster stall at the packing district and I wanted to see what all the fuss about this place was.... and it was nothing. It's the same as any other pearl milk tea place, but you get cotton candy... go figure.

After lunch headed back to my friend's house to watch game 3 of the finals. Then headed to dinner after at The Recess Room

Belvedere  Mule.

Blue Crab Beignet: Maryland blue crab, mascarpone, chiptole aioli.

I guess a different take on your traditional crab cakes. These were alright.

Crispy Pig Ear Salad: asian chrysanthemum arugula, toasted red quinoa, okinama potato, hemp, cistrus

This was surprisingly good. The toasted red quinoa gave it great texture throughout.

Foie Gras Al Pastor: smoked brisket, torrejas toast, grilled pineapple, spring onion.

It was like eating Al Pastor street taco with Foie Gras on top. I really liked this dish, but then again I like almost anything with Foie Gras.

Spanish Octopus: 18-hour sous vide, chorizo, calabrese yogurt, celery, crisp potato, candied kumquats.

I thought the texture was pretty good. I don't like the chewiness of octopus, but this dish was pretty tender. My friend who does like octopus for the chewiness didn't like this dish for the lack of it.

Doritos: fried jidori chicken skin, ranch powder, white miso corn porridge.

This dish was one of my top two dish we had that night. When it mention fried chicken skin I thought I was going to get something similar to what we get at Yakitori places, but to my surprise they batter chicken skin and then fry it. It was like eating the crispy skin from KFC chicken and the miso corn porridge added a bit of sweetness. I would definitely go back for this dish.

Bone Marrow Burger: akaushi beef, applewood bacon jam, arugula, brioche, beer batter fries.

This dish was not bad, but not great. Burger was really juicy and there's a lot of flavors going on.

Beef Chicharon: beef tendon, trout roe, onion creme fraiche, chive, shin cup seasoning.

This was my other favorite dish. The chicharons came one freshly fried and still crackling when they hit the table. The dip was awesome, but not even necessary. I loved this dish. I can eat a whole bowl of this stuff. It has the flavor or regular chicharon but the texture was very similar to asian shrimp chips.

Wagyu Tartar: ribeye, 5 minute ponzu egg, fresno chile, seaweed aioli, calabrese oil, capers.

This was my least favorite dish. The toast not crispy, but chewy and the flavors didn't meld well together.

Overall the restaurant was impressive. The menu is pretty unique and I really like how they plated their dish also. I'd definitely come back.

That ends day one. Tomorrow we head to Universal Studios and dinner at Shin-Sen-Gumi.

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