Thursday, February 16, 2017

Las Vegas Superbowl Weekend day 3

This morning for breakfast we decided on EggSlut located in the Cosmo. Pretty long line for breakfast.

It's kind of a breakfast place that specializes in egg stuff.

Cool chandelier that resembles giant whisks.

Left: Sausage egg and cheese Right: Bacon egg and cheese.

I had Slut which is one of their specialties. It's potato puree on the bottom with soft cooked egg on top served with some baguette. You mix it all up and smear it on the baguette. It was pretty good. Nothing amazing. I really like a runny egg yolk so it was like having a rich creamy egg yolk mash potatoes with crispy bread.

Even the breakfast sandwich have an over easy egg. Jack said it was your typical breakfast sandwich.

After a very late breakfast, we did a bit of gambling. Since Christine went to bed early the night, she wanted to get wasted. #goals. So we hunted for waitresses and played around their area.

You would think something like this would pay out more than $33.

After losing a bit at slots, we decided to play e-craps since we can sit there for a longer period of time and get a lot more drinks. E-craps was full at Cosmo so we headed over to Planet Hollywood to gamble there.

We had no problem getting drinks at PH.

lots of drinks.

and shots.

After about an hour or so the rest of the guys were back at the Cosmo gambling. So we headed back to gamble with the group.

There they are at e-craps. I headed back to my room to get some more money. Jack ended up coming back to the casino floor by himself. I guess Christine was wasted and wanted to nap. So he left her in the room.

We had a bad run of luck on e-craps. I was down to $23 and practically just gave up.

but then ran into a hot shooter and turned that $23 into $206.

Look at the beautiful roll history. No red in sight.

Jack and I took a break and headed back to his room... only to find someone had yacked all over the bed and sheets.

but not in the trash can that was purposely placed next to the bed for this one purpose.

The culprit.

Headed to Caesars to have dinner at Bacchanal Buffet

It's a huge buffet with lots of food options that are pretty good.

For starters I had: California rolls, pizza, naan with curry, ravioli, and roasted duck

Also fried calamari.

Round 2: Pork ribs, brisket, rice & beans, street tacos, pork belly slider, and sausage. The brisket was very tender, but very salty. I couldn't enjoy it cause of the saltiness.

Dessert: Almond cookie, creme brulee, carrot cake, and nutella stuffed crepe with whipped cream and toasted coconut.

After dinner we headed back to Cosmo.

Decided to put my camera away during my long night of gambling. Ended up get my butt kicked by Cosmo. Nobody was winning anything. That's it for day 3. Tomorrow we head home.

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