Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Las Vegas Superbowl Weekend day 2

Got a message from Jack around eleven in the morning. I got up and started packing my stuff. Jack came up to the room.

Decided on eating Shake Shack for lunch. On the way out I checked into my room, but it wasn't ready yet.

Jack had the Shack Stack which is a cheese burger with fried Portobello mushroom filled with cheese.

I had the Chicken Shack and added bacon. I wasn't too impressed with the chicken sandwich. I still think Jack's Spicy Chicken sandwich is better.

I should have stuck with a burger.

After lunch I got a message that my room was ready.

Milk Bar and Momofuku is now open in the Cosmopolitan. I had Milk Bar in New York and didn't care for it much, but their cookies are pretty good.

Jack checked into his room and I moved my luggage from Phat's room to my new room. Got a free comp for the weekend. So thought I would use it.

I was still tired so ended up watching a Marathon of Harry Potter.

Around five in the evening Jack messaged me to watch the game in Pierce's wrap around suite.

Love the view of the wrap around room at Cosmo.

After the Falcon's decided they didn't want to be Superbowl Champions, we went to the casino floor to drown our sorrows in alcohol.

The slot machines were also being thieves that night.

Might as well get as many drinks as we can.

It was Christine's first time to Vegas. She's been living under a rock.

Hit an okay bonus at Lightening Lock, but that was all the excitement I had for the night.

We hit a lot of bonuses on the slot machines but they were not paying out.

After a long run of slot losses we decided to call it an early night and headed up to our room around 1 am. I guess I'll save my money for another night. Hopefully my luck changes.

Tomorrow we'll try EggSlut.

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