Thursday, December 8, 2016

Universal Studios: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Jack randomly wanted to visit Universal Studios and Disneyland in December. Tammy and I tagged along. I just picked up a new prime lens for my camera and really wanted to try it out.

The night before we were to leave, Jack was accidentally hit in the mouth with a bottle and chipped his tooth. Hi tooth was very sensitive so Christine cut up his food for him.

We flew into Burbank cause it was closer to Universal Studios. The Burbank is a smaller airport and you unload on the tarmac. So if you're flying into Burbank choose a seat in the front or the far back because they unload from both doors.

The car rental is a bit of a walk to get to at the Burbank airport.

Universal was about a 15 minute drive from the airport. Universal also had a Christmas theme for December, Grinchmas.

We parked our car and headed for the park.

I haven't been to Universal in years. It was $99 for general admission, but I was able to get discounted annual passes for $109.

The main thing I was excited for was The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. So we headed directly for that.

The decorations and theme were done very well, not as well themed as Disneyland, but pretty good.

We were starving and our first agenda was to find food. I have heard the food served at Harry Potter was pretty good. We walked right past the restaurant at first because there was a long line, I thought it was a ride.

After looking at the map we back tracked and realized that the line was for the restaurant and not a ride after all.

So we lined up outside and got to look over a sample menu.

From the outside line we were lead into the the building where there was an even longer line to stand in.

There are a couple of more item on the virtual menu.

Some dishes are on display to help you with your decision.

After the inside line, we were directed to line up at a cashier line so that we could place our orders.

After that we lined up at our designated pick up window line to get our food.....

and after we got our food we lined up to be seated....

Getting food at Harry Potter land was an ordeal in itself.

Now we get to eat.

Lemon Herd Roasted Chicken. It was tender and juicy just like the rotisserie chicken you get at your local supermarket, but it was a pretty good ranch like dipping sauce.

Soup (potato & leek) and salad. Soup was good nothing special about it and the salad was your typical spring mix.

Butterbeer, I have been looking forward to this every since I heard about it. It's non-alcoholic and from what I heard it's something similar to creme-soda with a butterscotch foam head.

It's delicious and I recommend you try one if you get the chance.

Christine got the Shepard's Pie and Pumpkin Juice, which is a drink that taste just like Pumpkin Pie. It's pretty good and interesting at the same time.

For dessert I ordered the Butterbeer Potted Cream. It was okay, a bit too sweet for me. It's pretty much Butterbeer flavored custard.

I think it's from the carbonation, but the butterscotch foam expands as time progresses.

After lunch we headed to our first ride. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

Once inside they have lockers for you to put your belongings. It's free for 2 hours and only requires a finger print to open.

The ride is pretty cool. It's a hybrid or a virtual and reality ride. It did get me sick and it did break down for about a minute while we were on it. It just froze up and the screen shut off. If you're prone to motion sickness then I don't recommend the ride. I got pretty sick from it.

Next we headed to the Studio Tour.

The last time I was on this ride they still had the animatronic King Kong. It's now changed to a 4D virtual experience.

One of the prop cars from the Fast and Furious franchise.

Some Jurassic Park props

Now we're in Mexico.

Then jumped back in time to the Wild West.


I believe this is the Neighborhood where they shot Desperate Housewives.


Bates Motel

A scene from War of the Worlds

and you finish the tour with a Fast and Furious car chase.

The Simpson 4D ride, no thanks, still feeling queasy from Harry Potter.

We just happened to be walking by the Animal Actors as it was about to start. So we stopped to watch the show.

That owl was looking right at me.

The Walking Dead walk through attraction used to be only during Halloween Horror Nights, but I guess with the popularity of the show it's now a year round attractions.

The props are really amazing.

Another virtual ride.. no thank you.

Jack and his chipped tooth.

We eventually made our way to the lower part of the park.

It was pretty cold and people were still on Jurassic Park The Ride.

I wanted to ride Transformers 4D, but I was still hurting from Harry Potter. So we passed.

We headed back to Harry Potter Land for some shopping.

We ended up deciding to leave around 5:30 pm. Universal is a lot smaller than I last remembered. I thought we would have spent the whole date here, but we only spent about 5 hours.

On our way to our car we saw that Alessia Cara was going to perform at 6 pm. We left anyways.

We headed to Tsujita in L.A for some ramen.

After dinner we drove to Anaheim and crashed at our hotel. We have a long day tomorrow at Disneyland. That's it for this night.

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