Thursday, October 20, 2016

Knott's 2016 trip day 3.

After a good nights rest, we packed out things and headed downstairs to wait for everyone else to finish.

Was able to get myself an Irish Coffee.

Nicole saw an ornament store the other night when we were walking to Knott's. So we stopped by to check it out.

They had an awesome Halloween town on display.

Dino Mart.

We couldn't figure out where we wanted to eat for lunch so we went to our usual spot Brodard Chateau.

Thai tea with salted cream. It was really good.

Brodard is know for their grilled pork spring rolls.

Duck Bao, these were alright. It didn't have the crispy skin.

These are suppose to be mini Vietnamese shrimp pancakes, but they weren't that great either.

Side order of wonton soup.

Pork and shrimp vermicelli

Grilled prawns with garlic noodle. Tasted just as plain as the dish looks. I do not recommend ordering this.

For dessert we stopped by Afters Ice Cream

You can't beat their glazed milk buns (served warm) and their cookie monster ice cream is also amazing.

Finally made it to the airport.

Another end to our Halloween trip. Time to head home.

Where to next? I think I might make it back to SoCal in December to check out the Christmas Holiday decorations and I want to visit Universal Studios for a day. I haven't been there in years.

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