Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Vancouver Day 3: Scoozies and time to head home.

Woke up around 10 am and packed our things. It was time to head home. Saw this McChicken Sauce packet in the morning. Not sure what it is, maybe mayonnaise?

We had a bit of time before heading to the airport so we looked up a place to have breakfast. We decided on Scoozies.

Herbal Ice Tea. I wanted something refreshing. It tasted a bit carbonated and fruity, with a herbal after taste.

Eggs Benedict over Croissants. The Hollandaise sauce was more tangy than I was used to. I'm used to a really rich and sweet sauce, this was unexpected, but it was good.

Linh and Vee had steak and eggs.

They didn't have A1 sauce but instead they had HP Sauce. Looks the same to me.

After breakfast we just headed off to the airport a bit early.

Noticed a lot of hedges on the way back to the airport.

One thing I really liked about the airport is there is a gas station literally right before you return your car. It's very convenient. It's practically on airport property. So if you're returning a rental and need gas there's a station at the airport. I didn't find out until after I had already filled up the tank.

Our flight was at 3:49 pm. We arrived around 1 pm.

This was the only moose we saw. Was told that we would probably see one in the East Coast, but not in Vancouver.

The airport had an awesome collection of old Disney figurines.

Our flight ended up getting delayed an hour. So we had lunch at the airport.

Lemon tea. This was what I was looking for. Ever since I had it at Mui Garden. I've been wanting more and it's so refreshing. Not overly sweet.

Tomato soup.

Finally got a chance to try Poutine. I didn't really care for it much, but then again I was recovering from a heavy night of drinking.

Bacon Cheese Burger.

Bacon Blue Cheese burger.

Our flight ended up getting delayed about 3 hours overall. It wasn't due to weather, but due to delay from another airport.

It was pouring outside though. Glad we had nice weather on Sunday.

Didn't get to board our plane until 7 pm. We were at the airport for 6 hours. For dinner nuggets from Burger King.

Apple turnover. I love these fried pies.

That's it for this trip. We spent most of our time at the airport. Vancouver was awesome. I would definitely recommended visiting, just probably on a better season like spring or summer. I will be back for sure.

Next trip, it's back to Southern California in January. Then hopefully Cancun in February. Stay tuned.

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