Thursday, June 11, 2015

Vegas Bachelor party. Day 2

I think I woke up around noon. Phat wanted to head out for some noodle soup for lunch. So we all met downstairs. Did a bit of gambling.

Jack hit the bonus wheel on Tarzan and also got the Firewheel. Not a big win, but it's hard just getting to the Firewheel as is.

If you want a good bowl of noodle soup, you have to go off strip. Plus the prices are a lot more reasonable than the hotel restaurants. China town is only a $15 taxi ride from the strip. I highly recommend you get a number to call a taxi to return to your casino. It's hard getting a taxi ride back from China town.

Pho Kim Long is our go to place for noodle soup.

Finished the springs rolls before I remembered to snap a pic.

Nothing like fresh coconut juice to hydrate myself.

Chicken and egg roll vermicelli.

Pho #1

Catfish and pork in a clay pot. Phillip took his leftovers back to the hotel. I had it later during the day and it's amazing. I highly recommend this dish.

After lunch we headed back to the Cosmo. I wasn't able to get a comp room for Saturday, because of the busy weekend due to the Rock in Rio music festival that was going on that week. They did give me a comp room for Sunday night though. So Phillip and I moved rooms so we can each have our own bed.

View from my room.

Phillip and I tried to take a power nap, but we ended up watching a marathon of Wicked Tuna.

By the time we got up it was around 8 pm and I was energized for the long night ahead. The guys were playing video craps so I met up with them.

Jimmy was already 10 steps ahead of me and I had a lot of catching up to do. He bought a bottle of champagne while he was gambling. Bottoms up.

Electronic craps was hot. Jimmy turned $20 into $800, I told him to cash out, but he didn't listen and cashed out at $600. Phat racked up another $2-3k on this machine. Phat was killing Vegas this trip.

After craps we headed over to the Baccarat table and demolished Vegas. I walked away with $800, I think Pierce walked away with $2k and Phat walked away with $5k. Jack wasn't so lucky this trip.

That was the last picture I had for the night. I put my camera in the room for the night, because I couldn't take pictures for the rest of the night. :)

The one thing during the night that I wish I had my camera for, is when we got back to our hotel that night. We were starving and wasted. Thank god for Phillip because he walked to White Castle and bought a suit case of White Castle burgers. Wish I had a picture of that glorious thing and wish I had photo of my drunk self tossing cheese burgers to the pit bosses.

It was amazing. killed all 30 burgers in a few minutes.

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