Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Las Vegas Bachelor party. Day 1

Visited Las Vegas for a friend's bachelor party. As often as I go to Vegas this was the first time I attended a bachelor party there.

Met up with the other guys at the airport.

I haven't seen a SkyMall magazine on a Southwest flight in a while. Maybe they got rid of them? So here's the cover of Southwest The Magazine and some chicken nuggets.

Jack & Coke to start the trip.

We were greeted by Phat & Pierce's host from the Cosmopolitan. They've reached a level where the Cosmo sends a limo to pick them up. Free ride to the hotel!

So who's going to go home a winner this trip? Phat or Pierce.

Checked in and only a few rooms were ready. So we headed off to play some slots to burn time.

Phat was bragging about how generous the Madmen slot machine was, so I really wanted to try it out. It took my $100 like nothing. I hate that machine.

While Madmen was taking my money. It gave Phillip the Joan Holloway minor bonus of $732.04

After losing $200 on the slot machines, I went back to my favorite slot machine, Tarzan. It didn't disappoint. I hit a $657.45 spin off of  $2. It wasn't even a bonus spin either.

It was around 4 pm and the plan was to hit the Seafood Buffet at Rio. So Jack, Peter and I headed out for a light bite to hold us over.

Nothing like some good old fast food.

I've stayed at the Cosmo many times, but never noticed the Lucky Cat exhibition. We just happened to walk by it when we went to McDonalds. It's located on the first floor near the exit closest to the bridge that leads to CVS. We usually access the CVS bridge from the second floor so I never noticed it until this trip.

It's a giant chrome Lucky Cat. You press the paw and it gives you a fortune. They say you're allowed one per day.

I like my odds.

Our room was finally ready so we went to settle in.

You can see the Marquee pool party from our balcony.

and here's the regular pool at the Cosmo.

After settling in. We headed to Pierce's room.

View from Pierce's room.

Met up with the rest of the guys and headed off to Rio for dinner.

Phat ended up winning about $2-3K on the video craps and treated us all to dinner. Looks like Vegas is losing at the moment, but the trip just started.

Baked prawn with some type of butter sauce, lobster ravioli, fried rice, jambalaya, fried prawns.

This was my first time to Rio's Seafood Buffet. They offer all your typical buffet options, but have an extensive selection of Seafood, for which I'm not a huge fan.

Most of the other buffets that I have been to: Cosmo, Aria, Planet Hollywood, Wynn, Caesar's, Mirage, Paris, & MGM. Majority of the time I only find a few things that I like, but at Rio everything that I had was pretty good.

Pork Ramen, Tamale, BBQ pork, Dim Sum.

There is one buffet that I recently found out about, but have not tried, it's the Sterling Brunch at Bally's. I heard that it's by reservations only, only on Sundays, bottomless Pierre Jouet Champagne, and about $90 a person.

Got back to our hotel and was going to rest up before the long night ahead of us, but our friends were also in Vegas for a boys trip and wanted us to party in their room. They were also staying at the Cosmo, so we head to their room for a little pre-party.

We found them all to be quite wasted. They were at Wet Republic earlier in the day and they partied like Rock Stars, literally.

View from their wrap around terrace suite.

Not sure how they did it, because they were wasted, but they headed out to the club that night also.

The rest of us headed downstairs got drunk and gambled. This picture was taken around 10 pm. Don't really remember much of the night, but I do know that Phat won $5k at Pai-Gow. Vegas, pay the man his monies!


  1. Skymall filed for bankruptcy

    1. Oh.... Didn't know that. That explains it.

  2. This Las Vegas Bachelor party looks super fun. I loved everything in this bash. At the domestic NYC wedding venues my brother is also getting married and he threw a fabulous wine and dine roof top party for all his friends. We totally enjoyed that bash.

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