Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Austin Texas: Rainey St, Crawfish boil, Rainey St & 6th St again. (Day 3)

Got up close to noon and the fellas were ready to get their day started. The girls weren't ready yet, so we headed out first to look for a brunch spot. Jimmy led us to Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill.

We weren't allowed to be seated since our entire party was not present, so we sat at the bar and had some drinks.

Blind Mule. I just like Moscow Mules for the cup mainly.

They didn't have much of a brunch menu, so we decided to head elsewhere.

Jimmy mentioned a really good fried chicken joint and it was nearby so we headed to Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken

They had some awesome fried pickles spears. Came out piping hot.

Didn't expect to find fried rice on the menu at a restaurant like this.

The chicken was juicy and very good, but I still love KFC's original recipe.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel real quick, then headed back to Rainey St. We had such a blast yesterday that we had to go back.

Had a few drinks at Container Bar to start.

I really wanted to play Cornhole, so we ventured to Bar 96.

They serve some pretty good breakfast tacos.

Shrimp Taco was disappointing and so were the crispy tacos. It was more of chili inside taco shells.

Saw this awesome guy while at Bar 96. The owner said he's a miniature american pitbull or bulldog. I forget which one.

It was the size of a Corgi, but looked like a bully breed.

Jimmy's brother invited us over to his house for a crawfish boil. So around 4 pm we headed back to the hotel to get the car, but on our way back we walked by this park.

You sit on these weird contraptions and it automatically spins you. Gets you dizzy real quick.

To tell you the truth, this playground made no sense. That's just a chair held up by chains. Doesn't do anything. You can't even bounce on it.

This playground had a lot of spinning stuff. I would think kids would get sick off these contraptions.

Don't even know what this building is, but Peter sees it and he climbs it.

Antonio (who is scared of heights) follows suit.

Antonio didn't freak out until he got up there. Too late.

Jimmy's brother bought several pounds of tiny lobsters.

Their dog Chewy. So awesome. Looks like Chewbacca

The first batch of many.

Had several Tuaca bombs while we were there.

I'm not a big fan of tiny lobsters, but I do love chicken wings. Jimmy's brother's Thi had a friend that owns a wing bar and he came by with some wings. These I believe were spicy ranch wings and they were awesome.

Thi's cat Kaiju

Around 8:30 pm we headed back. It was our last night in Austin and we were going to go out with a bang.

Back at Rainey St. Bar 96.


Nicole rarely drinks, because she goes 0-100 real quick when she drinks.

So we played a game, does this drink have alcohol in it. I would buy drinks and she would taste it to see if there's alcohol in it. They all did :)

Eventually she caught onto the game. So to trick her I bought two Vodka & club sodas. I told her one is water and one is Vodka. I win!

and now Nicole is a cat.

It's a Saturday night and everywhere was busy.

From Container Bar looking at Bungalow Bar.

Around 11 pm we headed to 6th St. It's the only way to end our night!

Saw these puppies on our way to 6th St.

I have no idea where Antonio got that flower from.

I guess Jimmy got one too.

By this time the birthday boy was having a blast and got on stage.

Couldn't go to Thirsty Nickel without have a drink with Alyssa.

and more drinks.

Jimmy's about to bust out his signature dance moves!

and here's B-boy Jimmy with his back up dancers on stage.

We met a few cool military guys while we were out that night.

So we took them to Thirsty Nickel for some drinks.

It looks like Alyssa is angry, but I doubt she is.

Vegas bombs!

Jimmy claims that he didn't drink a Vegas Bomb with me, well he's drinking something.

More drinks? why not it's our last night.

A fight broke out right in front of us while at Thirsty Nickel and our military buddies broke it up. That's not his blood on his shirt.

People are just plain nice in Austin. Had a blast with everyone we met there.

Eventually the night had to end. Ashlie hydrating before bed.

The now sober cat.

I eat my noodles like this!

It was a blast as usual in Austin. I love this place! Tomorrow it's time to head home.

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