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Austin Texas: Franklin BBQ, Rainey St, & 6th St. (Day 2)

Jimmy & Peter woke up pretty early and decided to walk over to Franklin BBQ to wait in line. I have heard a lot about the place and from the yelp reviews a lot of people mention waiting in line for over 4 hrs a times. Franklin BBQ was featured in the movie Chef and was also featured in an American Express commercial. Franklin BBQ has only been around for 5 years and they are making huge waves in the BBQ scene.

Jimmy and Peter were nice enough to let the rest of us sleep in while they waited in line at Franklin. Around noon they called us and told us to meet with them because they had about an hour wait left. We got up, got ready and headed out.

Franklin BBQ is located about 1/2 a mile from our hotel so it was a quick walk there.

We arrived around 1 pm. Jimmy and Peter have been in line since 9:30 am and they weren't even in the door yet. 2 hours of that wait time was in the rain.

While they were still waiting we decided to head over to CVS and pick up some beer to drink. It's the least we can do for letting us sleep in.

Finally inside of Franklin BBQ but were not done waiting in line yet.

Some beer to hold us over until we get some BBQ.

Franklin is known for their brisket.

We eventually get to the counter.

They provide us with a little sampling of the brisket.

Look at all that glorious meat. We ordered a bit of everything, except for the turkey.

It was around 1:50 p by the time we got out food. Franklin BBQ opened at 11 am and it had already sold out.

Even though we ordered brisket and they provided bread. I really wanted to order a brisket sandwich. It came on a bun with pickles and onions.

The brisket was amazing! The best way that I can describe my first bite into the sandwich was that it was like eating butter. I kid you not, it was so tender. Even when we picked up the brisket it would fall apart. After having Rudy's BBQ I didn't think it could get that much better, but the brisket at Franklin just destroyed my taste buds.

Our other option for BBQ was The Salt Lick BBQ, Ashlie's friend Alexandra drove from Dallas to meet us in Austin for the weekend. She's a big fan of Salt Lick BBQ, but has never had Franklin before. Salt Lick is not her favorite anymore.

Peter and Jimmy ended up waiting almost 4 1/2 hours for Franklin BBQ. Was it worth it? I don't think there is any type of food out there that is worth a 4 hr wait, but it definitely did not disappoint. If you've never had Franklin BBQ before I recommend you try it once. It's an experience that I don't regret, but you can always put in a to-go order to help bypass the line, only catch it they are sold out of to-go orders about 2 months in advance.

We have talked to other people we met and they mentioned a few other places that were good that didn't have a long wait. Iron Works BBQ was one of them and is also conveniently located in downtown within walking distance.

After our meal they let us check out the smokers in the back. They answered all our questions about BBQ.

I was wondering why Texas BBQ is so superior and why no one in California can come close to it. If they could bring their BBQ to California they can make so much money.

The simple answer is it's all in the wood. They told me they couldn't ship the specific wood that they use past state lines.

After our BBQ adventure, we headed back to the hotel. Our friend Antonio was arriving soon to join in on the festivities.

Captain Chaos has arrived.

It was around 5 pm. Jimmy decided he wanted to check out the bar at the hotel on the upper floor for happy hour.

$4 wells from 4-6 pm. Not bad, but not 6th street cheap :)

Ashlie surprised Jimmy with this CrossFit themed cake. Jimmy was so stoked, he didn't even eat it on the trip. He took it back home.

Our friend suggested that we check out Rainey St. It was only a few blocks from our hotel. So after a few drinks we headed to Rainey St.

We were told that Rainey St consist of a row of hold houses that have been re-purposed into bars and restaurants.

And that's exactly what it was. Our first bar that we came upon was Bar 96. It's address is 96 Rainey St.

It's just an old house that has been gutted out and turned into a bar.

Still had it's patio and backyard like any other home.

The scene at Rainey St is a lot more relaxed. They had games like Cornhole and a food cart serving bar munchies.

Some loaded tots.

Queso dip and some hot wings.

Ashlie and her friend Alexandra.

This game had a string with a ring attached at the end. The goal of the game is to swing the ring onto a hook against the wall.

Such a simple game, but can keep you occupied for quite some time. Probably a fun drinking game also.

Bar 96 was a chille spot, with lots of TV to watch sports of whatever.

We decided to explore more of Rainey St. Next door to Bar 96 is a bar called Bungalow.

This place was a little more upscale. The home was very nice and so was the yard and patio. They also had a more upscale menu of drink options.

Bungalow also had Cornhole and Jumbo Jenga. They also had their own food cart.

My brother told me about Austin having bars made out of shipping containers and sure enough that's what was next door to Bungalow.

Jumbo Jenga.

They also had checkers.

Nicole tries to blame me for her Jumbo Jenga loss. She said I kicked the table, but the video says otherwise. She's a sore loser.

............ I kicked the table.

After Nicole's total defeat, we went next door to Container Bar. It's mainly made from shipping containers stacked together.

Inside the shipping containers.

Pistol Pete (Pistol all the things) and HandStandonio (Handstands everywhere)

Besides the shipping containers a majority of the bar is outside under a canopy. They also had a food cart.

The bar. It can get crowded at times.

Pistol Pete and HandStandonio doing their thing.

A lot of little nooks and places to hang out at the Container Bar.

After Container Bar we headed down the street to look for more spots. We walked by this cool looking place, but we didn't stop. I wish we did.

This was more of a restaurant than a bar.


Banger's Sausage House and Beer Garden

Rainey St also had a lot filled with food trucks.

Nicole got donuts from Little Lucy's Mini Donuts

Gyro from Big Fat Greek Gyro

After our meal we decided to head to 6th St. Rainey street was really fun, but it's a lot more chill hangout spot and we wanted to look for the party scene and 6th street was the spot.

It was around 9:30 or so when we got to 6th street. They were starting to clear the streets out before closing them off.

Our first stop on 6th St was Touche

I forgot what this drink was called, but it looks like a lot of fun. You take a shot of the blue stuff and when you pull it, it drops the other shot glass like a bomb drink and that's what you chase your shot with.

After a few drinks at Touche we hit the streets.

This was Antonio's first time partying in Austin and I think he's having a blast.

HandStandonio challenged Pistol Pete to a handstand walk-off.

Yes.... we stopped back at Thirsty Nickel.

Alyssa said she was working all weekend, so we had to stop by to visit our favorite bartender.....ok maybe not our favorite, but more of my favorite :)

It was early and Alyssa wasn't working yet. There was a back room with a bar that I didn't notice the night before. Probably was closed off on Thursday, but opened up on Friday cause it's going to be busier.

Test your might. A compilation of all of us testing our drunk strength. The record score on the game was 820.

I thought this was interesting. I was slightly curious, but didn't try it.

Look at all these cars parked on 6th St. No worries tow trucks to save the day.

We headed back to The Trophy Room, because some of the girls wanted to try out the mechanical bull. This is a compilation of some of the bull riders.

Bike or car they tow them all.

After bull riding we went over to Blind Pig Pub. It was a lot busier than the night before.

They had a few video games downstairs at the Blind Pig Pub.

Peter you lose, confirmed... Nicole.. just so you know..LOL

Somehow we ended up back at the Thirsty Nickel and Alyssa was on duty. I think I know why I keep coming back here.

Of all of the bartenders we offered drinks in Austin she was the only one that drank with us.

Jimmy's having a good time, his signature dance says it all. It's like a modern version of "walk like an egyptian"

There are cops all over the streets and they were really nice too.

Getting our study on at The Library.

My brother and I have a blast in Austin. I don't know why I have never been to Austin before, but I love it here!

Ashlie drink prices jumped up from last night.

 It's not $1.25 anymore I think it was about $3. Awwwww Yisssss :)

Unsure which bar this was.

but they were giving ouT free drinks.

yes... back at the Thirsty Nickel

I don't remember this, but I guess we got pizza.

That's it for day 2. Another fun filled night.

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