Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pismo Trip 2012 Day 1

Last month we were in South Tahoe and this month we hit Pismo Beach (Oceano Dunes). A bunch of the Crossfitters from Crossfit Diligence  had previously planned on going to SoCal to watch the CrossFit  Games, but tickets for the event were all sold out. So we cancelled our flights and headed to Pismo Beach instead for some beach camping and ATVing. Most of the people had already headed out earlier in the day. Jack, Lex and I worked a whole day before heading out. Well, actually only Jack and I worked a whole day. Lex was at home freeloading off free rent and free food. She's so lazy.

I swear she has the whole back seat to herself and yet she insists on sitting up front with us.

We were on vacation and I was craving some Wienerschnitzel. So we stopped off for a late night bite before hitting the road. I wanted to get a chili dog and put some fries on it, but luckily for me they had a new item on their menu. I think it was called the Junk Dog. It's a chili and cheese dog with fries, grilled onions, and mustard. It was amazing.

We were on the road by 9:45pm.

We arrived around 12am. The place had already sold out of camp spots for the day. So we parked our car outside and had our friends come out and pick us up. If you ever plan on going to Pismo on a Friday to Saturday I do suggest that you make reservations. My brother told me that the Ranger said that there were a few hundred spots available during that day they arrived, but sold out quick. You can make online reservations at

Our friend Josh happened to be there the same week and we were fortunate enough that he had some room around his camp area for us to camp. It was really pack. Most of the people were pretty wasted by the time Jack, Lex and I arrived.

Every time we head to Pismo Beach we always dig a sunken fire pit living room. Here you can see my Nephew and PJ's kids working on the sunken pit. We always dig it in so that it would protect us from the wind and if it's nice out we could sleep next to the fire without worrying about the wind.

It's pretty much a huge hole with a slightly elevated fire pit in the center with seating all around. People area always asking what were doing and when we tell them they always say it's a waste a time of not necessary, but after we're done people learn to appreciate our hard work.

So that's all I had for day 1. We started drinking and I don't have any more pictures. My phone was dying and I left my camera in the car outside the park. I'll grad it tomorrow and take better pics later.

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