Wednesday, July 11, 2012

San Francisco Food Tour

We took a food tour of San Francisco with a few friends. Our first stop was Tartine Bakery. My brother told me that they had awesome chocolate croissants that they usually sell out around noon. So we got there around 10am. There was already a line out the door. So I was dropped off so that I could get in line. After everyone parked they met up with me. I took a whole bunch of pictures with my camera but the memory card ended up getting corrupted near the end of the trip. Lucky for my Alyn took a bunch of pictures so I stole all there pictures from her. Mwahhahaha! but I guess she didn't have any pictures of the croissants.

We hung out at the bakery for about an hour or so and headed next door to Pizzeria Delfina. They serve some awesome fresh mozzarella, chilled tripe with lemon, sea salt, and chili oil.

After that we headed to the Ferry Building.

We visited Hog Island Oyster Co. They have an awesome clam chowder and grilled cheese sandwich.

We had a few raw oysters, and some baked ones for those who don't like the raw stuff.

Not your typical clam chowder but it is really good. This is a half portion. We were visiting a few other places to eat so the server there was nice enough to split it into two bowls for people to share. Also on the side is the grilled cheese sandwich.

The girl in the hat is Alyn, Jack, Me, Angela, Jeff, Nichole, Jason, Peter, Dung, Jozsef, Eszter, and Pam

After the ferry building a few people left and the rest of us headed to Pier 39.

We decided to stop off at Eagle Cafe. Which is known for their lobster bisque. It was really busy and we had a large group. So we put in a reservation for later and hung out at their bar. Alyn found her favorite bottle.

After a few drinks we decided to walk around Pier 39. What we ended up drinking were silver backs. It's 151, Hpnotiq, and redbull.

Alyn was saying that we should visit the Bar Arcade at the end of the pier. I told her there wasn't one. Oh was I wrong.

On our way there we stopped by a sock shop.

After the sock shop we stumbled upon a giant claw machine. We didn't win anything.

There was also a guy getting ready for a performance on the pier and he gave drunk Alyn these swords to play with. Probably not the best decision.

A few of us played games while the rest was at the bar drinking. It's the bet of both worlds.

I don't play sports and jack plays basketball all the time. Jack barely beat me. The score was Jack 58 and I score 27. LOL. He barely slid past me by 28 points.

We ended up playing deal or no deal and won 75 t

and we got these sweet neon green bracelets.

Jeff mentioned to us that his friend was working at Bubba Gump. So we stopped by.

I think Jeff's friend was training cause she had this sweet trainers cap on. I wanted it, but she wouldn't give it to me, but she said I could wear it for a bit. Yeah I'm excited!!! I asked her if I could go around and check on tables to see if everything was okay. She said that wasn't a good idea.

If I can't do that. It looks like we're drinking.

This is how Dung looked.

but I think this is how Dung felt.

After our shots it was time for us to head back to Eagle Cafe.

The Lobster Bisque is awesome. They also give you a few slices of sourdough. Just take a few slices and soak it in the bisque. It's amazing.

Dung didn't have enough clam chowder. So he ordered some more.

I forgot what conversation Angela and I were having, but I think this is how it goes.

Me: You're going to be forever alone Angela.
Angela: No way
Me: Paper, rock, scissors will decide that.

It's okay Angela.

Just kidding. hahahaha

Spicy garlic shrimp.

Alyn and Jack

One of the owners thought it was a good idea to buy us a round of silver backs.

After our drinks we decided to head to Ghirardelli Square for some ice cream.

On our way out Jason found some flowers.

He decided to give it to Nichole.

Awe. You're so sweet.

Then Nichole laughed in Jason's face.

and told him to go kick rocks.

Crutches race!!!!

Oh yeah!!! I totally won.

Angela keeping it Classy.

Alyn not so much.

We got the Earthquake Sundae which is an eight scoop sundae.

It was devoured in seconds.

It was time to head home.

Dung looks very tired.

We didn't get home till 10pm. It was quite an adventure and we had a great time in S.F. What a way to spend a Sunday.


  1. Paul!! lovin the blog!!! youre welcome, for taking pictures!! haha.

    "angela keeping it classy...alyn not so much" that made me LOL!!! haha. glad i had a camera this day, my friend lent me his since mine is getting repaired!! i had a blast on this food crawl!!! more to come!!! :D

  2. I seriously laughed and read that same line over and over again "Angela keeping it classy, Alyn not so much." HAHAHA


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