Monday, June 25, 2012

South Lake Tahoe trip Day 2

After we got back from the Casino at 8am. We crashed out. Woke up around 10am to have some brunch. Chorizo and eggs, sausage, spam, and apples. Then we went back to sleep. -_- zzzz

Thomas likes his breakfast with a beer. It was way to early for me to drink.

Woke around noon and had lunch. Thanks to all that cooked!!! Fried Rice!

It was too hot. We just lounged around like slugs. We jumped out onto the balcony when it started to cool down.

Around 3pm Cheri wanted to hit the beach since it was our last day in Tahoe. So she rounded up most of the people.

On Sunday we happen to see a rock formation out on the lake that everyone was climbing all over. So we came back to that spot. The water was a lot warmer than the previous day.

Cheri and Ray

Someone actually carried this bench all the way out here.

Cheri can kick a lot of guys a$$. Don't mess with her.

and Ray can do pistol squats. I would fall off the rock.

This rock reminded me of a buffalo. So I took a picture of it.

We befriended some geese. I think they were using us for our food.

For some reason they geese wouldn't eat from Cheri's hand. I think they are intimidated by her geese feeding pose. LOL. Seriously this is how she tried to feed them. They wouldn't get near her.

Still no luck.

Finally after she calmly sat down. They visited.

After a day at the lake the chefs BBQ the rest of the food. Chicken hearts, gizzards, short ribs, salmon and shrimp tacos, and a few chicken wings.

BBQ salmon.

Garlic bread and grilled shrimp.

Delicious BBQ salmon, coleslaw, avocado, salsa, and hot sauce.

A few of us headed back to the casino around 10pm. We played until 7am. The entire gambling trip I was down 200 bucks. I think that's great for the 17hrs of entertainment and drinks I had both nights. Played a lot of slots and some Paigow poker. It was time for a power sleep before we head home in a few hours.

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