Friday, February 18, 2011

Las Vegas Superbowl Weekend & Phillips B-day Day 2

We woke up around noon, but didn't leave our room till around 1pm. We all met up to get eat, but the restaurant that Pierce was going to take us to didn't open till 3pm. So we decided to hit the mall. Phat, Pierce, and Alex headed to the RIO to pick up their winning from the Superbowl bet they made. Orlando was dead in the hotel room and didn't want to move. I think he partied a bit too much last night.
 The rest of us headed out to the mall. Valerie needed a dress for the night. Shopping with girls take forever! So for entertainment we were trying on random stuff.
With John's style he can rock almost anything, but even I don't think he can pull off these Hello Kitty kicks.
Maybe the backpack. LOL
After the mall we headed over to the Palazzo. John wanted to see if they had these studded christian Louboutin shoes that he has been wanting, but unfortunately they were sold out. 
It's the year of the Rabbit. The rabbit blinks and wags it's tail. It's kind of creepy.
Decorations for Chinese New Year.
After failing to obtain John's shoes, it was around 3pm and time to meet up with the rest of the guys for lunch.
Pierce took us to a place called Ichiza.
It was delicious.
I think this is the honey toast. Yeah that's one big piece of toast. That's not butter it's ice cream.
After lunch we headed back to do some gambling until it was time to head to Marquee. I ended up sitting at Pai Gow for about 2-3 hours with Phillip. I started with $30 bucks and walked away with $65. Way to kill some time, I ended up winning some more on craps. Then I lost everything back at craps in like 5 minutes. That's gambling for you. By that time it was around 9pm. So we headed up to get ready for Marquee.
Pierce got this blazer custom made for John. OMG! pictures do it no justice.
We hopped in the Limo and headed off.
This was our first time in Cosmopolitan. I must it was a really nice hotel. I was blown away. Those red pillars are all TV screens. It started off as red pillars, but would slowly peel away revealing a design paying tribute to the year of the rabbit. 
You can see what the Pillars look like after it has peeled a bit. 
We were suited up and ready to wreck shop at Marquee.
While walking through the lobby we happen to see Suge Knight. Sorry I don't have a pic of him, but I think Valerie has a few pics of us with him in the club.
Cosmopolitan has this beautiful crystal chandelier like design. It was amazing. It really set the vibe for the hotel. If you're in Vegas you have to stop by and check it out.
Peter, Neal and Alex sober, but not for long.
Marquee by far is the nicest club I have ever been to in Vegas. We got a table in the main room. There was another room downstairs playing house music, another room upstairs that was more like a lounge. The lounge had a pool table, another bar, some tables and was more quite than any of the other rooms. It was a place you could hold a conversation in without yelling. The lounge area also had an indoor balcony that overlooked the main room. Then there was an outside area also. 
Two Belvy magnums, crown, and Heny Privilege. Ready to be drink, drank, drunk...
I'm this much taller than Valerie.
The giants had to lower themselves to our level.
So we decided to take a look around the place. Here we are outside on the patio. It had amazing views of Vegas.
On their patio/pool area they had cabanas and tables. 
Each cabana had it's own little pool. 
Nothing special about the pools. I wonder if Marquee will be holding pool parties in the summer? 
We ran into one of DJs that spins at the club I work at back at home.
Hey! I'm drunk.
Here's Alex with our server Jade. She was fun and entertained us with all our photo taking.
We're not even close to being done. Still got a ways to go. 
Got to show our runner some love. I'm not quite sure what his name, but for some reason Bobby pops in my head. I think that's what his name is.
At some point in the night I went into autopilot.  I don't remember a lot of these pictures. We just happened to run into a few of my brothers friends. They had bottle service in the lounge and at one point Phillip said I went up there to drink with them. Don't remember that at all.
All smiles.
Time for some serious faces. Seriously. =)
Serious poses are in right now.
At one point there were these 4 girls hanging out at our table. I didn't mind them hanging out at our table, but when they started to help themselves to our bottles that was a red flag. John waited a bit for our security guy to get back so he could ask them to leave. John grew impatient so called them over to him and made the walking motion with his fingers. The girls looked confused. He said go kick rocks and they left. LOL! 

I asked Peter what he thought of them.
Pierce- "hey Phat, Peter smell my finger"
Phat-" What's that smell"
Peter- "Hey Camera"
Pierce- "smell it"
Phat & Peter- "mmmmm..... strawberry"
Pierce- " who else can I get to smell my finger?"
John? Hell no, It's all about the shocker son!
Phat-" I already smelled it"
Pierce-"hmmm. Hey Orlando"
Pierce-" smell my finger"
Act like nothing happened. Like a boss.
Orlando-"cry.... WTF was that?
Pierce-" I win"
Pierce once again was drinking from the bottle.
John-" Who are these other girls?"
Anyone know what time it is? Time for more shots.
I think we ended up leaving around 3am.
That night Vegas was hit with a wind storm. So they closed the outdoor Patio. I wonder what they did with all the people that were out there for bottle service?
I guess I visited the restroom? Don't remember this, but it looks like I was proud of myself. I wonder who's idea it was to take this pic?
So we all sat down to eat. Then at the last minute we decided to eat McDonalds. 
Nope no Big Macs on here.
It was freaking hot in Marquee, but John loves his blazer so much he never took it off. 
Here's the aftermath. 
That's it for this trip. Woke up. checked out at 1pm and headed for the airport at 1:30. What a trip. Still doesn't be August. I'm still waiting for the trip that can do that. Maybe the May AOD invasion? 

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