Friday, October 22, 2010

4th Annual Knott's Scary Farm trip and Disneyland's Club 33. Day 1

October had finally arrived and that means it was time for our annual trip to Knott's Scary Farm. This was our 4th year. Now on to the pictures!

Here's John and Robin at the aiport. We're not at Disneyland yet but John has his Mickey ears on.
Charyl's breakfast for the morning. Cheese Quesadilla. It was a lot of cheese. I was done after one piece. It made me feel sick.
She also had a burrito bowl. What an appetite.
We finally arrive at John Wayne airport. Let the vacation begin. Peter and Robin waiting for the rest of the group to exit the plane.
Charyl and I waiting to grab our bags.
picture of a hang glider at John Wayne.
John's luggage was one of the last luggages to show up. He seemed kind of worried because he has had his luggage lost before.
We headed to the Ground Transportation Center so that the shuttle could pick us up to take us to our car rental office. This year I decided to rent from United Auto Rental. They only have 2 locations. Santa Ana and Ontario. They are quite cheaper than your average car rental place. I just happened to stumble upon them. Rented a car for 3 days for under $90 tax included.
John has luggage. John happy.
Why does Charyl always have to make an ugly face?
Picked up our cars and then we headed off to the Knott's Berry Farm Resort. Every year that we go we stay at the Knott's Berry Farm Resort. I always have to stop by the hotel bar for a drink because I like the atmosphere and builds up the excitement for me before I head into the park.
I wonder what Charyl is so happy about?
Here we are checking into the hotel. Some of the guys waiting in the lobby.

Some decoration inside the lobby at Knott's Hotel

Every year our group for the Knott's Scary Farm trip gets bigger and bigger. This was Phat's 2nd year going, but  it's his first visit to Knott's. He went with us to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. That was a big disappointment. Peter's 3rd year. Phillip's 2nd year. Charyl's 3rd year. Donnie's 2nd year. Hai's 2nd year. Robin's 2nd year, but has never stepped foot into Knott's. I think she's scared or something. She mainly goes for Disneyland. Son's 2nd year. He was going to miss out this year, when he heard the word "alcohol" he changed his mind. John and I are the only ones that have gone all 4 years and the noob of this trip was John San Pedro. His first year going with us. Hopefully not his last. 
After settling into our rooms. It was time for Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. This was our 3rd time visiting Roscoe's. We didn't go here on our first trip, but have been going ever since after that. It's tradition.
It was quite pack. We waited for about 30mins. We had a party of 12.
Had an eclipse. OJ, Lemonade, and Punch.

Son and JSP start their drinking early.

Awesome biscuit with butter and jam. Heavenly.
JSP about 2 bites from finishing his meal. I think he was the only person to finish everything. Also in the background is Alvin. He's from SoCal but this was his 2nd year meeting with us. He went to Universal with us last year. It's his first time in Knott's.
Son brought over the liquor we had left over from our Vegas trip last month. 
It's was about 5:30pm. Park opens at 7pm. It's time to get things started.
Some people started to take a nap. Weaksauce.
By 6:30p it was time to head down to the Amber Waves bar.
I just like the atmosphere of this bar before I head into the park. They have Halloween music and sounds effects playing, webs up for decoration, and they also have a fog machine going too.
It's been a long time that since my brothers and I have all taken a trip together. 
Phillip was drinking Heny and he asked for a chaser. they gave him chocolate milk in a sippy cup. That was awesome.
This is one shot. Ouch.
Here you can see (well sort of) the fog machine shooting some fog on the floor. 

We hung out at the bar until the rest of the nappers showed up. After that it was time to head to Knott's. 
Son and Phillip stopped off at Pink's to grab a bite. 
While Son and Phillip were in line. The rest of the group went nuts. Except for Alvin.
You can see the fog in the distance. 
All of the major rides are open and so are 13 haunted mazes, a few shows and other stuff. The park is open from 7pm to 1am on the slower days and open till 2am on Fri and Sat. Man 6 hrs is not enough time to do anything.
The park has themed scare zones. Ghost Town is my favorite. It's so dark and foggy.

Pickles and Churros.
I found a horse. 
This is my 3rd time going to Knott's. On our last visit to Knott's 2 years ago I noticed they had a sign that said 21 and over. I realized it was a bar. I didn't know they had a bar in Knott's. So this year we made sure we payed a visit. Drinks are ridiculously priced though. I think shots are $12 and beers are $10. They can do that though cause where else are you going to get drinks?

Redbull, Redbull, Redbull

It was cool that they were serving shots in glowing shot glasses. Maybe that's the reason for the $12 cost.
I like Knott's for the massive amount of fog that they use. Lots and lots of it.
Received some pictures from John's camera since my sd card crapped out during the night.

Man I don't even remeber some of these.

Here we are in one of the mazes. This is the last pic that I have for the night cause my MicroSd decided to crap out on me. 

Last year when we went to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights in 2009 it was such a huge disappointment. After coming back from it I was already looking forward to 2010 so that I could make up for the trip by going to Knott's. I was not disappointed. I don't remember half of the night which I wish I could, but I was so wasted. It was an awesome first night. Had such a great time. We were so busy drinking and goofing around that we were only able to hit 6 mazes, 1 show and 1 ride. I wish I had more time. I'm already looking forward to next year.  On our second day we head to Disneyland and we have lunch at Club 33. Can't wait.


  1. this is by the far the best review I've found, just because you answered my main question, 'Does Knotts serve alcohol during Halloween Haunt'
    I'm going in October for the first time and I'm a HUUGE chicken, at least if I'm drunk for most of the time it won't be too bad, good ole liquid courage :p

  2. Crapollah: You'll love it. I went for the first time a few years ago. Have been going every year since. This will be our 5th year. Flights are booked, rooms booked, and car. Can't wait! Have fun


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