Friday, September 10, 2010

Las Vegas Labor Day Weekend. Day 1

Here we are about a month later. Yup, We're heading back to Las Vegas for a rematch. Our last trip was pretty mild. This trip was originally planned for the Skyloft, but I couldn't lock down enough people. We were going to pass on this trip, but Charyl talked me into calling the Palazzo to see if they would comp me on Labor Day Weekend. Surprisingly they did. It was originally going to be 2-4 of us, but at the last minute a lot of people decided to go. 

Here we are at the Airport.

Ray "The Magic Man" makes a last minute decision to join us on this trip. He originally was not going to go because he had class at 9am on Tuesday. I was able to talk him into buying a return flight at 6am Tuesday morning. He lands at 7:30am. I hope he makes it to class. =)

Charyl having her breakfast of champions. French fries or "freedom fries" whatever you want to call it.
Some nice sights on our flight to Vegas.
Our decent into Las Vegas. It's starting to feel like a vacation.
Oh the anticipation!

I have not seen the Vegas baggage claim this empty. Probably cause everyone is going to fly out on Monday.

Time to check in to our room. Our last trip I did the $20 sandwich trick to get a strip view upgrade. Read about it here

My friend arrived before I did. He did the sandwich trick and was able to get upgraded and was able to link our rooms. So I didn't have to do the trick since he already linked our rooms.

The strip/pool view room. Worth the $20

Of course like usual we headed out for some food first. 

Our usual stop off at the food court at the Canal Shoppes
Pasta and Panda Express. Pasta looked better than it tasted, but I can always count on Panda.

After our meal we had our traditional Hagen Daz.
We wanted to hit Encore Beach Club, but on Sunday LDW they were asking $7,500-10,000 for a cabana. I think we will pass. So we passed the F*ck out. Those black out curtains make the room pitch black. So easy to fall asleep.

Woke up in the evening. Some of the fellas headed down to the casino floor and test their luck on craps. This trip Craps was going to be our game. There were 4 of us on this trip that liked to shoot. So we were looking forward to it. I told them not to be greedy and to wait for everyone to play.They were itching to play. They ended up loosing a bit. 

Since it was LDW we wanted to get to the club asap. Wanted to at least get a good table before they were all given away. We had bottle service reservations at Pure Nightclub @ Caesars Palace. A big thank you to the Jack Colton Website for direct VIP contact info and Brandon Ring email:  (Pure VIP host) for setting us up. Brandon let me make last minute changes to our party size and was very accommodating. We had 11 people in our group and he let me get away with a $400 minimum. We ended up getting 3 bottles anyways.

My A.O.D team

Suit it and boot it.
John San Pedro (JSP) in the grey suit. I think he was determined to make it rain or something.

We arrived at Pure around 10:20. There was quite a mob outside the club. There was no real line. I contact Brandon Ring and he took care of us. He got us in when they opened up at 10:30. We were around the 5th table in. He also got us a nice corner spot too. So we had ample room to get crazy.

 My good friend Brandon and Ruben who were also in Vegas around the same time we were. He meet up with us for bottle service. They brought their friend Ricardo. 

I have been reading quite a bit of bad reviews on yelp and was a bit concerned that Pure was going to be whack. Seeing as how it was LDW we wanted to hit up a club that was not normally opened on Sundays. So I chose Pure. Since it was a club that I have never been too.
From a bottle service perspective. I thought it was great. We had a great time and the music was great. I also heard a lot of other clubs were playing house music since so many big house DJs were in town for LDW. I am not a fan of house.

Pure played the usual top 40's, R&B etc.. My choice of music. The layout for bottle service was awesome also. The sofas used for bottle service were arranged to create the bottle service section. So there was only one way to get into the section unless you hopped over the sofa. The section also had a security guy. So if anyone was in your section you could just tell him and he would get them out of your area.
Bottle prices were slightly cheaper than other places. Average price was around $440. We had Goose, Patron, Heny VSOP (Privilege), 12 cans of Red Bull with tax + 20% tip it was $1851.21
Brandon in blue, Ray in black on the left, Hai in purple, Ricardo in the stripes, and Ruben on the right in Charcoal.
Son in black, Rob in maroon, and JSP

John Kim and John San Pedro

Hai: Hey magic man. Why don't your disappear for a second.
Magic Man: Say What?

Hai: Much better

Our cocktail server. I don't remember her name. I would like to say Shelly maybe.
I think Hai is in love.

Never mind

Our security guy. He did a great job. Got rid of anyone that we didn't want in our area.

Magic Man where are you?

Neal was hanging out with some other people earlier in the day, but showed up late in the night.

Me and Ricardo. I think he's faded.

Our security guy and our runner.

Epic Duck Face!

Our friend Cheri showed up also.
So did Kelli (in blue) and Cindy (in leopard?)
Kelli and Charyl

I don't know what John saw, but it seemed amazing!!!

Did you notice that the Magic Man was not in the last 10 pictures? 
That's because the Magic Man kind of pulled a disappearing act on us. If you call getting kicked out of the club for being too drunk a disappearing act. Then yeah he pulled that off well. 

We haven't partied from open to close in a long time. See the disappointment in their faces? Dude what the hell is up with the lights man?!

Neal ended up getting us a limo ride back to the Venetian. He wanted to hit up Tao. Surprisingly they were still open, but playing house music though.

This was JSP's first Vegas trip with us. He had heard a lot about our trips. He had high expectations. I hope we lived up to it. 

He looks to be having a good time.. don't you think so?

The last picture of the night. We were heading back to the room to change into some more comfortable and were suppose to head to Tao but ended up getting hungry so we ate instead. 
Over all we had a great time. Pure ended up being a blast despite the reviews I read on yelp. The venue was awesome and the music was good. 

The next morning The Magic Man woke up to a wet bed and wet pants. He was like "F*ck. I pissed myself". It wasn't till later in the day that we told him that in Charyl's attempt to give him water before he passed out he dumped it all over himself."
Fun times!

Coming up next: Day 2
Encore Beach Club
XS Nightclub

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