Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hawaii Vacation 2010- Day 6

Woke Friday morning and got some breakfast to go. Some nice and warm sweet bread french toast, spam eggs and rice, with mac salad.
John and Brandon had pancakes.
Steak and eggs.
It was our last night in Oahu and it couldn't have been any nicer.
Some bakes goods John bought.

I didn't take that many pics on the last day cause we were going to the same places they we have been going to for the past few days.

We had a really nice dinner at Hy's Steak House.

Cheesy bread.
Phil and his Pina Colada

Juicy half rack of lamb with a baked potato.
Garlic fried rice

After dinner we went to Oceans 808. It was pretty packed. Nice small club/lounge. Tried getting bottle service but they said it was sold out.

We had a great time. It was uneventful. We stayed at the club till 3am. 

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