Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hawaii Vacation 2010- Day 7

It was our last day in Oahu. We had a flight out at 11pm so we still had some time to do stuff. We had ramen again for lunch. 

Some fried chicken

We went to the Ala Moana Mall to do some shopping for gifts. Couldn't really find anything that was unique to Oahu. The mall has practically everything I have back on the mainland.
It is a really nice looking mall though and it's outdoors. 

The Mcdonalds at the mall had fried Blueberry pies. 
So we packed our things and headed out for our last meal before we leave. We had plans to hit up Sugio. Which I was told has awesome garlic fried chicken. I was excited to try the place but was disappointed when I found it that they closed at 5pm. So we drove around looking for whatever we could find for food. 
We ended up at this small plaza. Everything was pretty much closed and it was only 7:30. The only 3 restaurants that were open were Gordon Biersch, Hooters, and a Mexican Cantina. We choose the cantina cause the other two restaurants I have back home.

It rained on the last day. We were fortunate enough to have great weather the whole week while we were there. 
Some very nice views.

After dinner it was off to the airport. We got there about 1 1/2 hrs early. 

We had the last flight out.
Well that's our trip. Nothing to exciting but very relaxing. Can't wait to go again.

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