Thursday, October 22, 2015

Disneyland & Club 33 2015

For the first time ever, we were able to get to Disneyland before it opened at 8 am. We actually got to park at the Pinocchio lot instead of the Mickey's garage.

Princess Diane is not having the best of mornings right now...

We usually stop for coffee and breakfast inside DCA, but there's usually a very long line. So to save time, decided to get breakfast at La Brea Bakery.

While everyone was getting breakfast I headed to customer relations to get our tickets.

Just look at all those people waiting to get into Disneyland.

Not as long as Disneyland's line, but still a line of people waiting to get into DCA.

First thing on the agenda was to grab fast passes for Radiator Springs Racer. While the rest of the group lined up for Toy Story Midway Mania.

While I was in line, John headed over to the Cozy Cone. I've been wanting to trying one of the breakfast scrambles I have seen online.
but they didn't open until 9 am and when John asked about breakfast they told him that they no longer serve the breakfast cones. :(

Next on the agenda was passes for World of Colors Celebrate Show. Heard they redid the entire WOW show for the 60th anniversary.

After getting the passes I met up with the rest of the group at Midway Mania.

The pair with the highest score gets to pay for the next round of snacks. I'm here to defend my title.

Got paired up with Kim and looking at her accuracy she's more of a sharp shooter than a rapid shooter. It's her first year going to Disneyland with us. So I'll give her a break. LOL...

I'm still haven't achieved breaking the 300k barrier. I'll trying again next year. The wining pair this year was John and Robyn with a combined score of 306,000 barely beating out Peter and Nicole who score 301,000.

It was only around 9 am and it was terribly humid. You just couldn't hide from the heat.

So we decided to cool off by going on Soarin over California.

They had misters at the Soarin line which was very nice.

Once inside the building it was air conditioned.

We actually premium seating on Soarin. Middle carriage and middle row. It was Phat's first time on Soarin. I guess I always dismissed the ride in the past years, because I assumed everyone had been on it before.

John & Robyn decided to cash in on his Midway Mania win.

I've been wanting to try the fried biscuits at Carthay Circle. The restaurant doesn't open until 11:30 am so we decided to waste a bit of time running around the store. Anything to get out of the heat.

Once it hit 11:30 we headed to the Carthay Circle bar. I've never been in here before and the bar is very nice. Upstairs is the restaurant, but we only wanted to have a lite snack and drinks, because we had lunch reservations at Club 33 at 2 pm.

I'm not sure why we never stop here before, but I'll definitely make sure to stop by on every trip now.

I had the Carthay Diamond Manhattan. The first drink is always the best.

Parker got a Sidecar.

I believe Peter had the Pimm's Punch.

The Diamond shaped Ice in my Manhattan.

Unsure which drink this was.

Robyn had Scotch Mist which supposedly is know as Walt Disney's choice cocktail.

I really wanted to try the fried biscuits, but unfortunately it is not available at the lounge and only served in the restaurant.

Peter got the Vietnamese Twice-cooked Beef Tacos

and he also ordered the Tostaditas which was amazingly good.

By the time we were finishing up our drinks Tom showed. We had fast passes for RSR at noon, so headed to Cars Land.

Fresh mango and Tajin and lime.

Rubberneck County.

In the beginning I would always end up on the left side vehicle and I would always lose. I always thought that the winner was fixed that the left side would always lose, but the time that I got the right side vehicle I lost. I guess it's not a fixed race. LOL.

After losing the race it was time to head to Disneyland.

Is Nicole doing the Diane signature pose? Betcha guys didn't notice those two guys doing handstands in the background.

It was around 1 pm and time to head to Club 33 for some pre-lunch cocktails.

In 2014 Club 33 went under renovations and expanded. They also moved to a new entrance.

Club 33 had a new cocktail menu from 2014, but for 2015 they changed it again. The Hotel Marceline Bar Manual.

Some of their old recipes along with a few new ones. Starting as of last year, I was trying to ordered at least one of everything on the cocktail menu, but with the new additions it's going to take a bit longer to finish.

in 2014 I had:
#1-Lucid Absinthe (heard they don't do the slow drip anymore so was lucky enough to try it last year. Can be seen on my post last year here)
#2-Vieux Carre
#4-Mr Well-be-Loved (I let the bartender choose so he made this off menu recipe)

So to continue my mission we start with a #6 Moscow Mule.

If you look closely you get a glimpse of Princess Diane's signature photo pose.

Club 33 lounge menu.

Panoramic shot of the Club 33 lounge. Click picture for original size.

It was finally lunch time.

Usually the dining room isn't that busy, but was told since Disneyland is closing at 6 for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween event a lot of people changed their dinner reservations to lunch.

Club 33 has a extensive list of Mocktails. Forgot what this one was called, but it was like a lemonade/punch.

Parker had the Ramos Gin Fizz

I think this is the Hurricane.

I had a sip of Parker's drink and had to get one myself. #7 Ramos Gin Fizz.

Tom surprised us all and got the whole group Club 33 golf balls.

Tom also got me a Club 33 pin. I recently started buying a pin every year I visit Disneyland. So this one will definitely be a nice addition to my collection.

The food started to arrive. I chose the 4 course meal. Tom informed us that we could order any 4 items we liked, with the exception of entrees. So if you like you could have one entree and 3 desserts if you wanted.

Sharing is caring. Got a taste of the blue crab artichoke gratin.

I was going to go for the squash and sausage soup,  but Tom asked if I would want to switch it out for the chili (which is only on the lounge menu) heck yeah I would.

Country Sausage and Pate Maison

For my main course I had the Petite Filet with bechamel sauce.

Herb roasted double chop of lamb..... man I going to have to try that next time.

Parmesan Gnocchi. I don't even know how I missed this on the menu. I love Gnocchi. Luckily Robyn let me have a taste. I wish I could have 4 entree course :(

Mississippi Molten Chocolate Cake and on top is vanilla and marshmallow ice cream.

Peaches and cream.

Warm Monkey Bread.

Also new for this year, you can now dine on the balcony. Looks like a maximum party of 2, but still pretty awesome. You can also bring drinks out on the balcony for the first time. Hmm maybe in the future we'll have dinner, followed by cocktails on the balcony and watch Fantasmic?

The man, the myth, the legend. Tom and I. Can't believe it's been already 5 years since we met each other and he's been gracious enough to take us to Club 33 every year.

It was Peter's first time to the newly renovated Club 33. We told him about the changing pictures, so he's been staring at this one for the longest time. Little did we know that the system that controls it was down. So they reset it for us things started to happen. Stared at this picture for about 30 minutes before we figured something was up.

Louis XIII $1,500 for 1 oz. I think this drink will be last on my mission list.

After dinner a lot of us had food coma, so nothing like a nice cup of coffee for a pick me up.

I on the other hand went for #8 (Can't remember the name of this one) I'll have to check the menu.

Jack doing the signature Diane. While Peter's doing my signature pose. Lol.

We left the restaurant around 5:45. We wanted to ride Haunted Mansion before they cut us off at 6 pm, Tom was able to get us unblocked fast passes, but the Haunted Mansion was no longer accepting any fast passes. So we went over to splash mount and was able to get on right before the 6 pm cut off.

We all got pretty wet on Splash mountain, especially Anh.

Jack doing the "What are those!?"
Diane doing "The Paul" as the koolaid guy would say "oh yeah"
John loving his mister.
Kim midway through a sneeze... seriously.

Anh "Suns out guns out"
Parker "Which way to the choopah"
I'm sporting "The Diane"
Tom just looks to be having a blast.

Time for us to head over to DCA. All the parents is kids were coming in for the Mickey's Halloween event.

It was cool to see them fog up the lake. So creepy looking.

Looks like the ship is floating in the clouds.

They even had projectors on Main Street. It was so cool! It was playing in sync with the music.

It was my first time seeing this in person.

Due to Disneyland switching over to the Mickey party we weren't allowed to watch the fireworks show. So we headed to DCA to check out the Mad T Party. Tom headed home and so did Kim.

DJs, Live music and drinks.

It was our first time attending the Mad T Party and I really enjoyed it. I loved the music. The DJ was playing an amazing set of EDM and a bit of Hip-Hop.

The live band was rocking popular 80's, 90's rock music. It was awesome.

John got me a chimichanga. It taste exactly like the one I used to get in high school. So delicious.

I would have stayed at the Mad T Party all night, but we needed to use up the rest of our fast passes. So we rode RSR at night.

When we were exiting the DJ rolling around playing beats.

We tried to get more drinks after, but found out that last call was at 9 pm. Bummer.

We showed up for WOW Celebrate at 9:30 pm.

I thought the new WOW show was okay. I still enjoy the original, but it was nice to see something new.

Looks like it's time for Disney to close.

Tom informed me that Big Bear was fogged up also soI had to see it on my way out.

The day went by so quickly we barely had any time to do anything. Tomorrow it's Downtown Disney and Trader Sams.

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