Thursday, July 30, 2015

Alex tying the knot. Day 1

Our friend Alex moved to SoCal and was getting married. So we turned our wedding trip into a mini vacation.

We had the earliest flight available 7:10 am

Our flight ended up getting delayed for almost 2 hours. Might as well have some breakfast.

We finally touched down around 10 am.

We were all staying at my buddies home in Westminster. After settling in we headed off for lunch.

All you can eat Korean BBQ.

Korean dishes are accompanied by many side dishes, consisting of a few pickled veggies.

Lunch time cocktails!

After lunch we headed to the Asian market to pick up some Cognac. They had some people there promoting Hennessy. Got some free Hennessy money clips out of it and three dollars off per bottle.

Got back to Son's house and had some blood sausage, beer & Cognac.

This guy is not having blood sausage, beer or Cognac.

Here Peter is paying his escort that he rented for the trip. He didn't want to go to the wedding solo.

Another one bites the dust.

Eventually it was time to get ready for the wedding.

Wedding time!

Open bar! Huge mistake.....

We arrived already faded.. lets keep this going.

The groom's men Phat and Thomas.

Lobster salad.

Faux shark fin soup.

Jack, Parker, and TampAnh

Roasted duck.

Anh, Alyssa and Pierce



Sea bass I think.

Pretty faded by this point. So glad that we took Uber.

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