Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Japanese American National Museum: Perseverance Tattoo Exhibit

My tattoo artist was curating the Perseverance Tattoo Exhibit in Los Angeles at the Japanese American National Museum. My brother along with some friends were featured in the exhibit. So we flew to L.A during the premier of the exhibit.

Took the first flight out Saturday morning. 6:30 am.

The cover of Sky Mall was the same as my previous trip so I snapped a pic of the cover of Spirit Magazine.

Landed at LAX and grabbed our rental and headed out for breakfast.

John yelped a place called Jacks N Joe we actually had a hard time finding the place, but it's on an odd street corner.

Got to put some pep in my step.

John had the WTF. Which was pancake batter in odd shapes, with fruit and sweetened cream cheese.

I had the Dakine combo. Which was suppose to be eggs, Portuguese sausage and sweet bread french toast. I swapped out the sausage for spam. I really wish they had some rice, but I got hash browns instead.

Robyn had the banana foster crepes.

After breakfast we checked into our hotel. We were staying at the Miyako Hotel across from the museum.

The view from our room.

The seat warmer was very pleasant.

We were tired from the early flight. So we took a quick nap in the room. By the time we got up it was time to check out the exhibit.

Well look who it is, Pierce. Business in the front.

Party in the back.

My brother fob squatting like a boss.

Instant full body tattoo. Not painful at all.

John next to himself.

These guys look familiar.

After the exhibit. We headed out for some food.

I don't know what it is, but I want it.

Strawberry Oreo. They don't even look like Oreos.

We stopped by this little shop to grab some mochi ice cream.

Peter hanging around all over downtown.

For dinner we decided on Marugame Monzo. Got some great reviews.

We had about 45 minutes until the restaurant opened so we headed a few buildings down to a local bar to get a drink.
The Far Bar really neat little place. It's down an alley way.

This place had the biggest selection of whiskey I have ever seen offered at a bar.

Just this wall alone had three chalk boards and there was another wall with more.

Beef Tataki.

Pork belly. This was delicious.

Pork belly and rice.

Fried chicken skin. Had a very similar texture to pork rinds, but slightly different.

Squid Udon

Gratin Udon. This had a very rich flavor. A bit overwhelming.

Sea Urchin Udon.

Carbonara Udon. Looks rich, but it's wasn't at all. It was very good.

Tempura soft boiled egg.

Added the soft boiled egg to my Carbonara.

After dinner we walked around Japantown for a bit. This bakery had an interesting assortment of donuts.

We went back to the bakery to get some snacks.

After our snack we decided to head to the rooftop bar at The Standard for some cocktails.

The view from The Standard.

We went on a Saturday and there was a $20 cover charge, but the dress code was pretty relaxed.

Nicole can't drink much, and she cries about it all the time.

Peter, Nicole and Pierce left around midnight. John, Robyn, and I stayed until the place closed.

On our way out we saw a hot dog cart. Got to get me some bacon wrapped hot dogs with everything.

When we got back to our hotel we headed across the street for some late night eats.

Chicken Katsu.

The next morning we headed to West L.A for some Ramen at Tsujita 

Across the street they opened another Ramen spot. Called Tsujita Annex. I still think Artisan Noodle is better.

After lunch we went across the street for some desert drinks. This is the Watermelon slush. It was delicious and so refreshing. You can get it at Volcano Tea House

We burned the rest of our time at Santa Monica. It was really busy and it took us a long time to get parking because there was a marathon that was ending in Santa Monica which caused a lot of traffic.

Santa Monica Pier.

I felt like a Waffle Cone Sunday.

After Santa Monica it was time to head home. So we pumped some gas in the car before returning it. While pumping gas the C from Chevron sign fell off right behind us.

Airport food. Not very good.

That's it for this trip. Just a quick get away. If you're into Tattoos and a Japanese culture. I recommend you check out the Japanese American National Museum. It's only $9 bucks. The Perseverance Exhibit is running until Sept 14, 2014.

Next on the agenda is Cabo San Lucas. Check back soon for my review of the all inclusive Riu Palace Cabo resort.

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