Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vegas Superbowl 2014 day 1

It's another year and Superbowl was upon us. It's time to head back to Vegas to place our bets. Going to Vegas for Superbowl weekend has become a tradition for us. This time we chose to fly out in the evening. It was nice not waking up early.

Got a text from Southwest that our flight was delayed a bit, but we still headed to the airport on our regular departure time in case things changed.

Nothing kills time faster than a cocktail.

So the newbie this year is Nicole. It's her first time going to Vegas with us...Wish her good luck.

This month's cover of SkyMall

Drink specials for this month.

I still had some left over drink tickets for Southwest, time to put them to good use.

That day a friend told me to download Flappy Bird on the app market. So I did and it was the most frustrating game ever. So simple yet so frustrating. Here's my brother attempting to play it for the first time.

We left with the sun up and arrived when the sun set.

Good'ol Vegas.

A hop, skip, and limo ride to MGM!

Dropped off our luggage real quick and down to the casino floor.

One of the new slot machines Amazon Fishing. The older version is Paradise Fishing.

Bonus Video!

Palace of Riches III Bonus free spins

Pierce hit a great bonus on Sea Goddess locking hot zones

I tried it too.. The machine wasn't too generous to me on the bonus.

Cocktail server walked by... Yes I would like a drink. Shots!

Was a bit hungry and I don't always eat fast food, but when I'm on vacation, it's McDonald's

I haven't had a Big Mac in ages.

We didn't really have anything planned for the night since the rest of our group are to arrive tomorrow. So we just placed our game bets....... and time warp... now it's 5:25 am. What a night.

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