Friday, January 17, 2014

Southern California: Ra Sushi Bar, Sutra OC Nightclub

A few friends and I decided to head to Southern California to visit a friend for his birthday. We took the first flight out Saturday morning. Our flight was at 6:30am. We worked until 3 am and stayed up until our flight. We got to the airport close to 6 am.

Our first stop was the bar at The Brit.

2 Irish car bombs, and a Jameson for breakfast.

What's on the cover of SkyMall for January?

Had some drink tickets that Southwest mailed to me. So we used it on Scotch, and a couple Jack and Cokes.

After we landed our friend picked us up and we headed back to his place and waited for the rest of the group to arrive. Then we headed out to breakfast. This place is known for there sizzling steak plates. This is steak with pate and a fried egg. Mon Ami Cafe Restaurant

After breakfast we headed back to the house so that the guys can watch football. I just passed out since I hadn't had any sleep yet. Woke up and it was time for dinner. We had reservations at Ra Sushi Bar and Lounge in Huntington Beach.

The food was ok. We had many different types of rolls, but they all taste the same. There wasn't really anything that made them stand out from each other.

After dinner it was time to hit the Club. We had bottle service reservations at Sutra in Costa Mesa

We arrived around 10:30 it the place was packed.

It's a small venue, but the music was great and the bottle prices weren't so bad. I think it was $350 for a bottle of Grey Goose.

We pretty much had a long night of drunk shenanigans. Hai gets really really red when he drinks.

Our security guy was Omar. I didn't go to the public restroom, but my friend said it was the longest line he has ever seen for the mens room. Our security would take us to the employee restroom where there wasn't a line. Awesome!

First one out is Vee!

I didn't know, but Pedro got super wasted and threw up several times. That was me last year.

That's the last pic for the night. I forget what time we got back, but it was a great night of fun. The Club was great, glad we had a table because I wouldn't want to deal with the crowd, and the music was awesome.

Tomorrow we have some more football and who knows what else.

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