Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 3: Downtown Disney, ESPN Zone

Last day of the trip. We had a late flight so we had plenty of time to sleep in and do whatever we wanted.

We still had the Big'O Bear from the first night. We didn't know how we would fit it in the car.

Never mind we figured it out. LOL

Phat said he hard a hard time see his side mirror.

We ended up having lunch at Bodard. I was told that most of the Asian restaurants in the Westminster area close on a Tuesday. Bodard has two restaurants and one of them was still open on a Tuesday.

Bodard is known for their pork rolls. So we had to get those plus we had some roasted ducks rolls.

Sea Bass in parchment.

Grilled Pork, Shrimp, and egg roll noodle.

Pierce had Pho noodle soup. You can get the beef served raw separate on the side for an additional $1.25. They also give you an extra bowl of hot soup so you can blanch the meat while eating your Pho. Pierce the beef was very tender and worth the extra $1.25

After lunch we headed to Downtown Disney to do some souvenir shopping.

We stopped by the Lego Store. Check out all these figures made out of Legos.

They had bins full of legos to play with. Did anyone ever make these as a kid?

Then my design started to get more complex.

Then Jack.

Then Peter and Parker. No really that's their names.

Phat made a tower.

Linh stopped off to get some beignets.

And they had shaved ice. So I got one. It was okay, but nothing close to Hawaii.

We stopped into a few stores. Saw this awesome figure

A whopping $2,000 for it though.

I think the best looking apple is the skull apple at the bottom. So neat how they dripped white chocolate over the apple to look like that.

After we finished shopping we had about 3 hours to kill before our flight home. So we ended up at the ESPN Zone to play some games.

Miniature bowling. I love this game.

This Tank Arcage by Namco was really fun. Love their team pictures.

But probably the best game and best price is the 4 way air hockey. It's only 25 cents a person.

It was time to leave for the airport.

So while on vacation I had to have one more cheat meal and what better way to end than Carl's Jr my favorite fast food joint. Looks like this place is new to the airport cause I don't remember seeing it last year.

I love me a nice Double Western and some Criss-Cut Fries.

6 years had gone by since this tradition had started. We get newbies every year. This most likely will be the last time we visit Knott's, but now I have to figure something out for next year. Tom did mention to us a possibility of going to a Club 33 Oktoberfest. Hopefully we'll go to that.

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