Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Tuesday in San Francisco

Went to San Francisco on a random Tuesday. Got there pretty early and stopped by Japan Town. We ate at Isobune Sushi. It was delicious. There was a little sign stating that they were the original Sushi Boat. Started in 1982. This was the first sushi place I have ever been to that had Toro on the boats.

Toro and Oysters. The Toro (fatty tuna belly) was really good.

Linda really likes sashimi. She had the Maguro (tuna)
A hand roll I grabbed off the boat. Crab, Eel, avocado, and rice.

Ika (squid). I'm not a big fan of squid unless it is fried, but Linda loves the stuff.
After sushi we walked through the shopping center. Looking at toys and books.

We ran into a few of Linda's friends and hung out with them for a bit. Then we went to New People.(New People website) Which is like a small boutique mall with a theater that shows anime, art exhibit, and boutique stores. They don't allow photos so I didn't take any.

We ended our day in S.F and met up with Linda's friend Jeani for dinner. We went to a Thai place in Milbrae. Thai Stick ( click for link)

We had Garlic Pepper Shrimp which was awesome. Kind of reminded me of the garlic shrimp in Oahu.
Shrimp and Tofu curry
Got to have the pineapple fried rice.
Linda and Jeani.

It was a really nice Tuesday. It was a bit gloomy in S.F, but I can't complain about being off on a weekday.

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