Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hollywood day 1

Our flight ended up getting cancelled. So we were pushed to the next outgoing flight. We had to wait an additional 3 hrs. What a way to start our trip. We arrived in Orange County around 3:30pm. 
After our friend picked us up. We headed out to grab some food. 
We decided on some Korean food. Kimchee fried rice w/ egg
Picked up the car and we headed to Hollywood to check into our room. We were staying at the Magic Castle Hotel. It was a really neat hotel. It use to be apartments, but has now been converted to a boutique hotel. It reminds me of Melrose place.
When we checked in they gave us a glass of Champagne. They offer free snacks 24hrs. Here is the list. Everything is free and all you can eat or want.
also they have a collection of DVDs that you can have access to whenever you want. A free breakfast is available from 7-10am. 
The turn down service informs you of tomorrows weather.
Here is our first run of snacks and not our last.
This place really looks like Melrose Place.
We headed out wandering Hollywood Blvd around 10pm. Our plan was to head to Boulevard3. After reading the yelps reviews it seemed to be the it place. Our front desk told us to check out Playhouse. That was our back up plan. Boulevard3 was closed so on our way to Playhouse we saw a huge line. Found out it was for a new club that just open weeks ago called Eden. 
We ended up getting bottle service there. It was 400 for a bottle of Belvedere 1 liter.
Son ended up getting pretty messed up. What are you doing on the stage Son?
At one point Son passed out at our table. We wanted to see how long we could stay before they asked him to leave. It was a good 30 minutes. We ended leaving around 2am.
Our drunk walk back to our hotel.
On our way back we grabbed some pizza.
JSP loves pizza!!!
and this is the last photo before the end of the night. 

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