Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pismo/Oceano Dunes ATVing videos

Went to Pismo Beach (aka: Oceano Dunes) on Easter weekend. It ended up being cold and windy on Sunday and it rained like no other on Sunday night.

Here are some tips/checklist if you plan on traveling to Pismo/Oceano Dunes for some atving.

-AWD vehicle is a must. I wouldn't bother going without one.
-lower you tire pressure to 20 for better traction if you tend to get stuck.
-bring shovels to dig out your tires
-tarps are good for blocking wind and great for putting under tires when you get stuck.
-There's use to be a stream/creek that you would have to cross to get to the atv area but the river is practically non-existent now.
-sleeping bags
-bungee cords
-water and firewood can be purchased from the trucks that bring them out to the beach. I think it's 50 cents a gallon of water.

You can also rent atvs if you don't have one. It's a blast to go riding there and the dunes are practically endless. Check out the videos below.

Check out John atv mishaps.

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