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Halloween Horror Nights 2009 review @ Universal Studios Hollywood

We have never been to HHN before. We usually go to Knott's Scary Farm. This year I thought we should try something new. I had high expectations for HHN. I would think that they would have more money than Knott's and more access to better quality props. I was really disappointed with HHN. Within the first two Haunts I came to realize that HHN isn't that great. There were only three things that I liked about HHN.

1. The Terror Tram
2. The Simpson's ride
3. The Mummy Ride

This is what you walk up to when you first enter the park. It's pretty cool. It's an arch way type of thing that has flame cannons/guns shooting out balls of flames randomly. Pretty cool. I was pretty psyched when I saw this.

We didn't know where to go so we just wandered around looking for the first Haunt walk through.

We walked through some Scare Zones but they were so weak you wouldn't have know it was a Scare Zone if it wasn't for the Characters being present there. It' wasn't well decorated and it didn't make me feel like I was in that themed zone.

Scarface Character. Pretty cool costume.

The costumes and props were good quality just the effort of the themed decor was poor. The acting was good though. Especially this one.

John and Robin

The first Haunt we came upon was Halloween The Life & Crimes of Michael Myers

Here's a pic of the front facade.

There was a really long line for this walk-through

Here's what the facade looks like with flash. Pictures don't do this place justice.

So the walk through was ok. The display and walk through decorations was really good quality. The scares were weak. I was hoping that HHN would break up the line into very small groups but I was let down and they let in large groups. It was the first Haunt so I still had hopes that HHN would not let me down.

with flash it's not the cool looking.

Without flash. So much better. I would say they're were only about 2 sections that were super dark other than that I would say the park was pretty lit. Knott's is very dark and that's what I like.

Flaming arch way

There were dances as the base of the arch way. Here's Phat with one of them.


So after the Halloween walk through. We went to the Chucky one. Once again the decor was great but the scares weak. After that Haunt I realize that HHN is weak. So we decided to watch the Bill & Ted show. I love these parody shows. Knott's has it too it's called the Hanging. They normally hang the most annoying Character for the year. I think last year they hung SanJia from American Idol. I have seen videos of the Bill and Ted show from previous years and it seemed pretty good. This year it seems like they moved the shows location. It was a stage. This show was really really weak. I saw the Knott's 2009 show and it was the best one yet. This year they hung that vampire dude from Twilight. That was awesome.

After the show we lined up for the Simpson's ride.

The Kwik-E-Mart

A Map of Krustyland

The Simpson's ride was awesome. It's kind of like a virtual roller coaster but way better. It was awesome. We didn't know what to expect.

After the Simpson's ride we went on the Terror Tram. The Terror Tram is the Tram usually take you through the back lot and you see Jaws and King Kong, but this time the Terror Tram takes you to the back lot and they drop you off at the Bates Motel. It was awesome. This is how a haunt be like. You walk through a plane wreck, a neighborhood, Psycho house, and much more. It was dope and the scare were good. They're was so much fog.

A character from my Bloody Valentine.

Psycho house

Even with flash this house looks creepy.

After the Terror Tram we headed down to the lower part of Universal Studios

One of the foggers

The next ride was The Mummy. The inside of the ride reminds me of Indiana Jones at Disneyland.

The Mummy ride was good. I didn't know what to expect and it catches you off guard for first time riders. The only complaint I had is this ride is super short. I was like WTF it's over? My friend told me it was short but I didn't expect it to be that damn short. What I thought was stupid was when ever a cart returned to let the passengers off the workers would start clapping. Maybe I guess to hype up the ride but people would start clapping like it was super dope. It wasn't that great imo.

Phat's biggest catch yet.

So the park was open from 7pm to 1am. We ended up leaving early. They park is small. The map makes seem bigger than it really is. We also rode the Jurassic Park ride that was alright I guess. We got wet. We ended up going through everything by around 11pm. I was really disappointed.

I have never been able to go through Knott's Scary Farm in one night and that's just trying to go through all the haunts and there even the Roller Coasters rides going. There's no chance of finishing the park in one night.

I really wished I had gone to Knott's Scary Farm instead. Oh well. There's always next year.

citywalk at night. We weren't the only people leaving.

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