Friday, February 22, 2013

Vegas Superbowl 2013 Day 2

We got up and checked out Sunday morning. Nobody was willing to comp us rooms for Saturday Superbowl weekend, but Cosmo comped some rooms for us on Sunday and Monday. So we headed out of MGM and headed off to The Cosmopolitan.

Checked into the room and the first thing Peter noticed was the giant glass window that looks directly into the shower. I thought only the single beds did this, but nope the double queens also. I'm not sure what Cosmo was thinking. Yes there is a curtain, but it's white and there is a light in the shower. So you can totally see the silhouette of the person showering. Which Peter and Parker found out the hard way later in the day. Luckily I was spared. Peter and Parker can thank Jack for the show.

This is the inside of the bathroom looking into the shower.

The view from our room. I must admit Cosmo has some really nice looking rooms and views.

We headed down to sports booking to place our bet.

After that we headed to Wicked Spoons Buffet.

The food was good at Wicked Spoons. Not as much variety as other places and they didn't have your normal cold seafood spread, but most of everything offered was good and gourmet. Presentation is awesome. I mean come look at it! It's a tiny fry basket filled with calamari.

Tiny pots. Braised beef, bone marrow, pork belly sliders, Gnocchi, sushi rolls.

Of everything that I tried. The only thing I didn't like was the Sushi and I have yet to find a buffet that offers great sushi. Besides all you can sushi joints.

OMG the black bean short ribs and rice was excellent. Just look at the grease at the bottom. Plus they came in tiny Chinese togo boxes.

Mini fruit parfait.

More black bean pork!

Mini crab cake.

Just some of the desserts they offered.
After the buffet. We headed back to Phat's suite. They gave him a free upgrade on top of his comp. Cosmo is just giving rooms away!

Stocked up on some snacks and watched the game.

After a disappointing first half and stressful second half. We were ready to drink our sorrows away.
Do you know what the odds were in Vegas for a safety in the Superbowl?

900 to 1. Should of, would of, could of, but didn't.

Some beautiful night shots from Phat's balcony.

We pretty much went on a gambling and drinking rampage. Shot a few videos of the bonus rounds we hit on the slot machines. I lost my voice screaming at the Superbowl game so don't mind it.

After some slots we were hungry and ate at the China Poblano. We couldn't decide and ended up there. It's good but pricey and portions are tiny. What else is new in Vegas?

Pierce tried one of their tacos.

Wonton noodle soup. Meh...

Shrimp with black stuff on it. also meh..

Red braised pork sandwich. It was really good but tiny as hell. I can eat like 10 of them. At 8.88 a pop I don't think so.

Foie Gras something. It was on the special menu. This was heaven. I haven't had Foie Gras in a while and this did the trick. Just as good as I remembered.

After food it was back to gambling and drinking.

Saw a guy with this cool Pitbull in Cosmo hanging at the bar. Asked him to snap a pic. Well behaved dog. Didn't care for anyone.

More Slots!

And more Drinks!! and yes that is one shot given to me by the cocktail lady. She was very generous.

and then fast forward to wasted town. Ate this awesome pizza late into the night.

At this point I had no idea where we are going or what going on.

but that's it. Sunday night was a blur. Tomorrow brings Monday Madness. We are going to attempt to be drunk for the whole entire day. Challenge Accepted!

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