Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tutorial: Masterpiece Grimlock weapons display stand

My brother bought me a Masterpiece Grimlock for Christmas. It's an awesome figure and my favorite character. I had a hard time deciding on how I wanted to display it, but ultimately ended up deciding on Dino mode. Unfortunately Grimlock can't carry his crown and weapons on him. So I decided that I would make a cheap display stand for his extra items. I had a lot of spare foam boards left over from when I built a 3 tier stand for my miniature liquor bottle collection. Come to think of it, you can even build a 3 tier stand for your transformers if you wanted to.

What you'll need is:
-scratch paper
-razor blade
-hot glue gun
-cutting mat
-foam board ($3-5 from Michaels)

I sketched out my basic design. You can design yours anyway you want but I kept mine simple. 

I measured and cut out my design out of the foam board. 
Tip: try not to cut all the way through on the first cut. If you press too hard on the first cut it could cause creases on the board. What I do is cut through the first layer and on the second pass cut all the way through. 
Glue them together. 
At this point I thought I was done, but then decided to add a shelf on the top for the crown. 
Now I'm done.
Now put it on display.

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