Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do you accepted the challenge.

I sent a mass text out to all my friends asking them to draw "a man riding a bear using a bullhorn" and they are to send me the picture of their drawing.  Why did I do this? Shrug.. why not?

I will post them up as they come in.

Here's mine


Howie's. Not bad I must say.

Here's my coworkers attempt. Teresa. Even though she used the pictures above as references while she was drawing, this is what she came up with. I told her a bullhorn, but I'm not sure if she understood.


Here is Edwin's attempt at it. Looks like he spent a lot of time on it and so far looks the best. 

While we were at Grill'Em having some cocktails. 
Which by the way has one of the best happy hours. 

$2.50 well drinks 
$3 draft beers
$4 house wines
$4 margaritas
$5 appetizers 
and on Thursdays $3 Mojitos: Lime, Peach, Pomegranate, Strawberry and Mango.

So we told our bartender Rebecca about the challenge and so she made her attempt. 
To me it looks like a cat smoking a joint riding a pig. LOL

Next we have Linh's attempt. A Panda bear... I would have never thought of that.


  1. I know this post has nothing to do with Vegas, but wanted your opinion on SkyLoft. I have 10 guys in a 2 bedroom. Wondering how picky they are on #'s & bringing your own drinks in. I'm ok being a bit sneaky, but don't like the idea of buying all the booze from MGM. Thanks.

  2. We didn't have a problem, but we always tip them relatively well and have been there on several occasions so they know us. If you feel uncomfortable about it. I would say check in with 6 people and then bring the other 4 after you have settled in the room. Do keep in mind that Skyloft staff is all about making the guest happy so they seldom would say anything. I have checked in before with 9 people and they didn't say a thing. Our butler has told us they don't mind you bringing your own stuff as long as you don't make it obvious e.g: walking to your room with two bottles in hand.

  3. That's about what I thought. You've been really helpful & your older Vegas posts are the reason I picked the SkyLoft for the stag. The plan is to show up with 6, keep low for a couple of hours & tip heavily. Last Q, how long did check in take, and how many keys were you given. Thanks again, keep up the good posts!

  4. It varied from time to time. The usual process is they pick you up from the airport. Take you to the vip/special guest waiting room/check in. Sometimes we sat there while they were setting up things and sometimes they walked us right through the VIP straight to the private elevator. They walk you to your room introduce you to your butler and you do all of your paperwork on your dining table. e.g credit card, signing papers, etc.. While you are doing the paperwork the butler will usually give the first timers a tour of the place and show them how things work. After you finish your paperwork they will ask how many cards you need and they will bring you your key cards. You can now imagine tipping will become frequent because they bring everything to you.

  5. You can always request more keycards whenever. Also do keep in mind that a keycard is required in the elevator to gain access to the skyloft floor. So if your friends don't have one and their names are not on the room they are stuck on the casino floors until someone comes down to get them. To answer your questions about how long it takes to check it. Once you are walked into your room. It's pretty quick.

  6. Beauty! Thanks again.


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